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Mass Etiquette; Dos and Don'ts while at Mass

Fast: It doesn't even really feel like a fast anymore since its just an hour. The Church requires every communicant to begin preparing to receive Jesus by obse…

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02 Jun 2016 News No comments

Canada’s House sends assisted suicide bill to Senate for approval

The bill, which is likely to be sent back for amendments, would legalise assisted suicide The Canadian government’s assisted suicide legislation, which the nat…

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Faith leads to freedom, Pope Francis tells prisoners

50 inmates from Rome's Rebibbia prison were given a tour of the Vatican gardens before listening to the Pope's Angelus address Before reciting the Angelus pr…

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Pope Francis invites refugees to join him on stage at general audience

The Pope calls for Europe to grant asylum to more refugees as he addresses the faithful at the Vatican Pope Francis invited a number of refugees to join him on…

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Royal College of Midwives calls for abortion up to birth

The RCM’s new policy on abortion was formally announced in a statement published last week The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) is supporting a campaign pioneer…

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Pope Francis to migrants : "Each of you carries a story, a culture and precious values

Yesterday, Pope Francis welcomed several thousands of migrant worshipers at St Peter’s square to commemorate the world day of Migrants and Refugees. At least…

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Francis’ family synod: No changes, but everything has changed

It’s now quite certain that Pope Francis’ big summit on family issues won’t endorse any changes to Church doctrine on the Church’s teaching about homosexuality …

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Why Be Religious? Isn't Being Spiritual Enough?

Spiritual or Religious? CHALLENGE: "I consider myself spiritual rather than religious. Why isn’t that enough?" DEFENSE: Because God loves you and wa…

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The Blessing of the Animals - What would St. Francis say about how we treat animals today?

October 4 is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, and a popular celebration is the blessing of the animals. On this day, people bring household pets to their…

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100 years later – Do we still need Fatima? THIS answer may surprise you!

Next year is the 100-year anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun during an apparition of Our Lady of Fatima. A century after her visit, we ask the question, does the world still need Fatima? Here is one surprising answer.

But Fatima was a century ago. Russia, about which Our Lady delivered a dire warning, fell into Communism, and many Christians were martyred. Most (but not all) agree, Pope John Paul II consecrated Russia to Mary, and the communist regime collapsed and faith reemerged. All of this was predicted by Our Lady, and it all came to pass.

So is the mission of Fatima complete? Do we still need Fatima?

The answer remains yes. And for the same reasons as before! Russia is resurgent on the world stage. War looms, and sins of the flesh are more rampant now than ever. Marriage is eroding, and modesty is virtually extinct.

In fact, a simple “yes” alone does not seem to suffice. Instead, we need a stronger word than yes; an emphatic YES!

Our Lady pointed out several problems that would be; Russia, communism, war, Godlessness, persecution, the decline of marriage, the decline of prayer, and the increase in mortally sinful behavior, particularly sexual immorality and immodesty.

These warnings, like all others have come true. Every. Single. One.

This means we are in more trouble than ever before. Our Lady warned she could no longer stay the hand of judgement. That was a century ago. What can we assume now that we are many times worse?

We should not act surprised if judgement begins tomorrow, nor should we expect a favorable outcome!

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Fortunately, Our Lady gave us a way to save ourselves and one another. Pray! Pray the Rosary daily!

“Say the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world. And after each decade say the following prayer: ‘O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who have most need of Thy mercy.'”

In your prayers, please remember to pray for others who are in serious need of mercy. Our Lady mentioned that many people go to hell because nobody prays for them.

Our Lady made a final prediction. She predicted that in the end, Russia would be converted and there would be peace. She assured us we may ask graces from her.

The promises are there for us, let us use them and pray as Our Lady asked. We need Fatima now, more than ever before in the past hundred years.

By Marshall Connolly



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Too bad there were no smartphones to capture this “miracle” 100 years ago. Funny that since such tools now exist, these sorts of “miracles” have largely ceased.

  2. Martin Reply

    Blsd be God forever….Have mercy on us O God…

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