09 Sep 2015 News USA Vatican No comments

Papal message for restoration of UN murals

Archbishop Angelo Becciu, the Substitute of the Secretariat of State, has sent a message in Pope Francis’s name to the cardinal archbishop of Rio de Janeiro on …

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25 Dec 2014 Q&A No comments

How do I help my daughter see that her evangelical pastor isn't the prophet he claims to be?

Full Question I'm worried about my daughter. She left the Catholic Church and goes to this "Bible believing church." Her pastor says he's a prophet. He's a…

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18 Feb 2015 Q&A No comments

Why do Catholics practice fasting and abstinence during Lent?

Full Question Every year during Lent I'm asked why Catholics fast and abstain. How can I explain our Lenten practice? Answer Explain that Lent is t…

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26 Oct 2016 News No comments

Hagia Sophia, Turkey’s former cathedral, to appoint full-time imam

The appointment will fuel debate about Turkey's Islamic identity A full-time imam will be appointed to Turkey’s Hagia Sophia, according to Turkish news sources…

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08 Oct 2014 USA No comments

New Jersey sister first to be beatified on US soil

Newark, N.J., Oct 8, 2014 / 09:46 am .- Michael Mencer should have been blind for 50 years by now. As a third grader, Mencer was diagnosed with juvenile macu…

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04 Dec 2014 Q&A No comments

Did people understand John the Baptist saying "repent and be baptized"?

Full Question Did people understand what John the Baptist was talking about when he told them to "repent and be baptized"? Is there a precedent for baptism…

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26 Mar 2016 News Vatican No comments

Pope fiercely condemns inhuman acts of terrorism and calls for an end to bloodshed during Good Friday service

The Holy Father has again condemned the indifference and inhospitality towards migrants and Asylum seekers during yesterday's Good Friday service saying that th…

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01 Nov 2014 Articles No comments

Eucharist Encyclical

In April 2003, Pope John Paul II released the fourteenth encyclical of his pontificate, Ecclesia de Eucharistia. It focuses “on the Eucharist in its relationshi…

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05 Aug 2016 News No comments

Dublin judge rules that the rights of the unborn extend ‘well beyond the right to life’

The landmark ruling has ramifications for the abortion debate in Ireland An Irish High Court judge has ruled that the rights of the unborn extend “well beyond …

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12 killed as Islamist gunmen target Christians in Kenya shooting

Somalia’s al-Shabab rebels claimed responsibility for the attack on the Bishaaro Guest House

Islamic extremist gunmen from neighbouring Somalia killed 12 people in an attack on non-Muslims in Kenya’s northern Mandera County, an official said on Tuesday.

Somalia’s al-Shabab rebels claimed responsibility for the early-morning attack on the Bishaaro Guest House, saying its fighters targeted Christians, according to the group’s radio station, Andalus.

The gunmen used grenades and homemade explosives to break into the guest house and then stormed in with guns, said Mohamed Saleh, Mandera’s regional commander.

Survivor Veronica Wambui, an actor with a group touring Mandera to showcase textbooks in schools, said they were asleep at around 2.30am when they heard explosions at the main gate to the guesthouse.

The attackers came in and went to room to room shooting and killing her colleagues, she said. She said she and others hid in a storeroom and the attackers set off another explosion which made the wall collapse on her.

“I could see the lights from the torch (flashlight) when they were checking out the room but the collapsed wall had covered me," said Wambui, speaking from her hospital bed where she is being treated for a bullet wound in the palm of her left hand and injuries to both her legs.

The acting troupe came from Nairobi and had been touring schools in Mandera County, which is near the border with Somalia, for about a month. Two weeks ago a watchman was killed at the guesthouse and there were rumours that the lodging was being targeted.

Al-Shabab has vowed retribution on Kenya for sending troops to Somalia since 2011 to fight the militants, who are waging an insurgency against Somalia’s weak, Western-backed government. Kenyan security forces have managed to stop al-Shabab’s attacks in major cities in Kenya that have killed hundreds.

However, Mandera County remains volatile. Al-Shabab militants hijacked a bus in Mandera in November 2014 and killed 28 non-Muslims on board. In December 2014 they killed 36 quarry workers. This year six people were killed in July when gunmen shot at buses and on October 6 when al-Shabab gunmen killed six at a residential compound housing non-Muslims.

Al-Shabab’s campaign of attacks targeting non-Muslims has had a devastating impact on education in Mandera County. Many non-Muslim teachers have asked to be transferred from the region, causing a shortage of teachers in the area.


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