2 Christians arrested in Laos for spreading faith

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Two Christian men who were visiting a Christian family in a Laotian village were arrested on charges of spreading the Christian faith, according a Laotian religious-freedom advocacy organization.

The example of one of the detained men, Bountheung Phetsomphone, led 300 people in a nearby village to become Christian in 2012, according to the report.

Laos is a Communist nation of 6.8 million in Southeast Asia; 67% of Laotians are Buddhist, 1% are Protestant, and less than 1% are Catholic.


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  1. Queen Fongo Reply

    this is serious. wao ! a frd was detained in Loas some time last yr and I sent a parcel to him which has a bible inside the bag. another Laosian frd told me it is an abomination to be found w a bible in Laos. God, have mercy. what now happens to the two christains? well, I trust the God I serve. he will deliver them the same way he delivered paul n silas. Gods ways are not mans ways. we worship the supreme God. courage Brethren

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