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Jesus apparition in Mexican sky occurred one day before devastating earthquake

It's a major miracle that you've probably never heard of. On Sunday, Oct. 3, 1847, more than 2,000 people in Ocotlán, Mexico saw a perfect image of Jesus Chr…

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Bishop advises cautious optimism for a Catholic future in Boy Scouts

A leading bishop in Catholic scouting says Catholics should continue to be involved in the Boy Scouts and work to ensure good youth outreach and consistency wit…

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Cardinal Sarah: reaction to my ad orientem speech was ‘not always very accurate’

The cardinal said that his comments about the liturgy at a conference in London last month were misinterpreted Cardinal Robert Sarah has said that comments he …

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Flood in Lancaster: Year of Mercy Mass cancelled

The Year of Mercy Mass was cancelled yesterday in the Lancaster Cathedral due to the flood disaster that have rocked the regions of Cumbria and North Lancashire…

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Pope Francis will meet Auschwitz survivors during visit to Poland

Pope Francis will meet hospitalised children and survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp when he visits Poland next month — and is planning a surprise, of…

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Canadian cardinal won’t refuse funerals for those choosing assisted suicide

Cardinal Gerald Lacroix of Quebec said he would not follow in the steps of other Canadian bishops Cardinal Gerald Lacroix of Quebec said he has no intention to…

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Catholic gymnast Simone Biles wins Olympic gold and is going for more

The gymnastics star has revealed that she carries a white rosary in her gym bag American Catholic gymnast Simone Biles has won her first gold medal of Rio 20…

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Pope prays at site of devastating earthquake

Pope Francis visited Amatrice, in central Italy, on Tuesday morning Pope Francis has made a surprise visit to the site of the devastating August earthquake in …

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List of Popes from Peter to Francis

Pope according to Wikipedia: The Pope (Latin: papa; from Greek: πάππας pappas, a child's word for father) is the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the worldwide…

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5 Fallacies You Need to Know!

The word fallacy comes from the Latin word fallacia, which could be translated as “deception." A fallacy is a misleading or unsound argument that can be either accidental or intentional.

To demonstrate five common fallacies, I’d like to propose a deductive argument

Premise 1: Jesus Christ established a church.
Premise 2: The only church that can trace its roots back to the time of Jesus and the apostles is the Catholic Church.
Conclusion: Therefore, Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church.

Now I will offer five fallacious replies, explain why they are fallacious, and show how one ought to respond.

1. Red herring: The person making the argument raises an irrelevant issue to distract the attention of his opponent or audience.

Example: “How can you believe that the Catholic Church is the Church Jesus Christ established in light of the recent sex abuse scandal?”

Response: The sex abuse scandal is an important topic, which I’d be happy to discuss in a later discussion, but it has nothing to do with whether Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church. Let’s stick to the argument at hand.

2. Ad hominem (from the Latin: “to the man"): The person hearing the argument rejects the argument because of the one making the argument.

Example: “You argue that Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church, but the last time I checked you were neither a biblical scholar nor a historian.”

Response: You are right, I am not a historian, nor am I a biblical scholar. So what? I may also be obnoxious, arrogant, and smelly. None of that means my argument is unsound. Let’s focus our energy on the argument I’ve offered.

3. Non sequitur (from the Latin, “it does not follow"): The person making the argument draws a conclusion that does not follow from his premises.

Example: “Jesus Christ was perfect, but some popes who have reigned over the Church have been corrupt; therefore, Jesus Christ did not establish the Catholic Church.”

Response: The conclusion does not follow from the premise. While it’s true that all popes, because of original sin, are sinners—the first pope, St. Peter, denied our Lord three times—this does not disprove the Church’s divine origin.

4. Genetic fallacy: The person making the argument tries to invalidate a position based on how that position originated.

Example: “The only reason you are making this argument is because you were raised Catholic. If you had been raised in the Bible Belt, you would have been Protestant.”

Response: Although it’s true that a person may come to hold a belief for inadequate reasons, this does not mean that the belief is false.

5. Straw man: The person making the argument misrepresents his opponent’s position in order to refute it.

Example: “Just because the Catholic Church is the largest denomination in Christendom, that does not mean Jesus Christ established it. Islam is the second-largest religion in the world and may one day have more followers that the Catholic Church. Wouldn’t that then make Islam the true religion?”

Response: I did not say that Catholicism is true because it has more adherents than all Protestant communities combined. Rather, I proposed that Jesus Christ established a church and the Catholic Church is the only church that dates back to the time of Christ; therefore, Jesus Christ established the Catholic Church.

Join the Conversation

In your experience what is the number one logical fallacy you encounter?

How have you responded to these fallacies in the past?




  1. Jose Fuliga Reply

    Where was the Catholic Church before Peter? At the time of Abraham and the Patriarchs of the Old Testament to which church did they belong? Roman Catholicism started at the time of Emperor Constantine in the 4th century and today it would be a misnomer to call oneself a Roman Catholic if one is not a Roman.

    1. JAMES Reply

      Congratulations. Your fallacies aren’t match any mentioned above. You’re fabulous!!

  2. Hector Bautista Reply

    There was no “Church” in the time of the patriarchs because Godhad not been revealed yet! Jesus came to fulfill the prophesies and to reveal the good news! Constantine made the christian faith legal and the official religion of the kingdom at the time! We are Roman Catholic because the Head of the Catholic church is seated in Rome!

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