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What does the Bible teach about the Trinity?

The most difficult thing about the Christian concept of the Trinity is that there is no way to perfectly and completely understand it. The Trinity is a concept …

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02 Oct 2015 News USA Vatican Comments (6)

Vatican distances itself from Kim Davis after Pope Francis meeting

Meeting 'should not be considered a form of support of her position' The Vatican has downplayed Pope Francis’s meeting with Kim Davis, a court clerk from Ken…

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South African Church leaders call for calm in run up to election

South African church leaders have urged an end to pre-election violence and criticised politicians for fueling it. “We are disappointed that our political le…

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What is the difference between killing oneself to end suffering and martyrdom as a result of defying anti-Christian authority?

Full Question What is the difference between persons who commit suicide because of extreme illness or a life on drugs and dissolute living and the case of …

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Pope Francis: ‘Synod must renew indisputable value of marriage between a man and woman’

At his general audience, the Pope prayed for the intercession of 'the pope of the family', St John Paul II Pope Francis has prayed for the intercession of “t…

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Papal message to conference on climate change

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, has sent a message in Pope Francis’s name to a Bolivian conference on climate change and the defense …

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Should we applaud after the closing hymn?

Full Question One of my friends suggests that we should not applaud the choir after the closing hymn. He says that the song should direct souls to the Lord…

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Am I wrong for making the sign of the cross over my children's homes?

Full Question I read recently that lay people are not supposed to make the sign of the cross on others. I make the sign of the cross with holy water and a …

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How can I explain why turning cremains into a diamond is wrong?

Full Question The family of a deceased Catholic friend is considering giving the cremated remains to a company that will process a diamond out of the crema…

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7 paths for growing in your spiritual life

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Our Catholic faith is so rich, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start if we want to learn more about it. Should we sit down and read the Bible? Read the Catechism? Discover more about the saints?

The Institute of Catholic Culture-a free adult faith formation platform offering live seminars on a myriad of topics-says that there are any number of ways you can approach increasing your knowledge of the faith. Whether you consider a certain subject area at a time or immerse in topics as you encounter them, as you grow in knowledge, you will increase your capacity to grow in your spiritual life as well.

Here are just 7 paths you could take to continue your faith education:

1. Apologetics: Study the teachings of the Church not only so you understand them more fully, but also so you can defend or explain those teachings to others! Answer questions such as: is there really any evidence Christ rose from the dead? How do we know the world was created by someone? What does it mean to say that Christ is truly present in the Eucharist?

2. Church History: Its pretty amazing that our Church has been around 2,000 years! There is so much we can learn from the Christians who have come before us and their relationships with the Lord. Just a few examples include learning about what really happened in the Crusades, how the blood of martyrs has fed our Church, and about how Pope Saint John Paul II helped bring about the fall of the Soviet Union.

3. Sacred Scripture: If the only time you are hearing the Scriptures is on Sunday during Mass, you’re missing out! The Bible is literally God’s Word written for us. There is so much we can learn about our own spiritual journey from passages such as Christ’s sacrifice during the Passion, what Scripture has to say about Christ’s Second Coming, and what the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple has to do with our salvation.

4. Theology: What about the many questions we have about God and our understanding of Him? Learn more about the meaning of the Sacraments, how the devil deceives us, and how we can find freedom from spiritual bondage.

5. Catholic Culture: One of the many things to love about being Catholic is our many traditions and practices. You can more fully live out your Catholic faith by embracing Catholic culture. Celebrate feast days! Gain an appreciation of Sacred art and architecture. Discover God’s fingerprint in things of this world.

6. Our Modern World: As Catholics, how do we approach some of the critical debates of our time? Our faith shines light on everything that happens in the world and through that lens we can understand more fully what positions to take on issues like politics, homosexual marriage, religious liberty, and more.

7. Philosophy: If we approach the world with an inquiring mind, some significant questions arise about the nature of reality: Is there such a thing as objective truth? What does true freedom really consist of? Are science and faith at odds with each other? Delving into these questions gives us the foundation we need to approach our faith with greater wisdom and clarity.

The Institute of Catholic Culture offers seminars (live in Northern Virginia and through live web streaming) on all of these topics and more. Plus, they have 700+ hours of video content in their library from past seminars. It’s all free-part of an apostolate that seeks to invite men and women to enter more deeply into all that our Catholic faith has to offer.



By Caitlin Bootsma


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