26 Nov 2014 Q&A No comments

What's the real significance of the temple curtain being torn?

Full Question A Fundamentalist Baptist friend wants to know how the Catholic Church views the curtain being torn in half as Christ expires. He says his chu…

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12 Sep 2015 Europe News No comments

Parliament handily rejects proposal to allow assisted suicide

Britain’s House of Commons has defeated a bill to allow assisted suicide, by an overwhelming 212 to 118 vote. The proposed legislation would have allowed doc…

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11 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (8)

What is the Church's view on organ transplants?

Full Question What is the Church's view on organ transplants? I feel that they are wrong. If God calls someone, who are we to stop the death process? Answer …

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19 Mar 2016 Articles Comments (5)

The Historical Doctrine of Purgatory

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “All who die in God’s grace and friendship, but still imperfectly purified, are indeed assured of their eternal sal…

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23 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (27)

How could Jesus Christ's human nature be part of the Trinity if it is not co-eternal with God?

Full Question If Jesus Christ is a union of human and divine natures, was his human nature co-eternal with God, or only his divine nature? John 1:14 ("and …

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04 Sep 2015 Europe News No comments

Serve families, hear confessions: Pope's requests to priests of Schoenstatt Movement

In a message to priests of the Schoenstatt Movement, Pope Francis said that priests “must never be above or in front of others, but instead must walk alongside …

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18 Jan 2016 Articles Comments (5)

Saint Peter and the Eastern Orthodox

Modern Eastern ecclesiologists agree with Catholics that the apostles chose successors. But what authority did Jesus give to Peter himself? Catholics and Orthod…

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30 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (1)

Infant Baptism

The Catechism of the Catholic Church gives us the most important reasons why we must baptize infants: Born with a fallen human nature and tainted by original…

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16 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Don't 'regionalize' Church teaching on marriage, says Irish archbishop at synod

Catholic teaching on marriage and the family is universal, not something local bishops’ conferences can decide for themselves, an Irish archbishop said Thursday…

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A Missing Mexican Priest found Dead

Fr. Erasmo Pliego de Jesus have been missing for a long time before now, alongside two other priests whom were as well abducted in Mexico.

Fr. Erasmo Pliego de Jesus body was found lying dead on an isolated country road of Nopalucan, a Mexican state of Puebla.

According to the state prosecutor, Fr. Erasmo Pliego de Jesus’s body was found with head injuries and burn marks on several parts of his body.

Fr. Erasmo Pliego de Jesus now make-up 13 priests so far murdered in Mexico since 2013. The motive for the killings is unclear but it is thought that some priests have been targeted for opposing drug cartels and criminal gangs.


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