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26 Sep 2016 News No comments

'He saw the priesthood as a gift' - Oldest bishop in the world passes away

Archbishop emeritus Peter Leo Gerety of Newark, the oldest Catholic bishop in the world, passed away Sept. 20 at the age of 104 - 77 years after his ordination …

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02 Jun 2016 Americas Europe Middle East News USA Vatican Comments (2)

A Catholic in Ohio Sentenced to twelve Services in Baptist Church by Judge

An American Catholic who got into a fight with a street preacher has been sentenced to attend services at a Baptist church for 12 Sundays. Judge William Mall…

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11 Jan 2016 News Vatican No comments

Stunning views of the Basilica of St Ignatius of Loyola; as recently captured by drones: Watch

The Sanctuary of Loyola or Shrine and Basilica of Loyola (Spanish: Santuario de Loyola; Basque: Loiolako Santutegia) consists of a series of edifices built in C…

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06 Apr 2016 Articles Comments (9)

The Early Church Fathers: What the Early Church was Like

Q:  What was the early Christian Church like?  Shouldn't we try to be more like it today? To help answer this question, every Christian should be a…

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25 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (2)

Is it illicit for a priest to sing the words of consecration?

Full Question My understanding is that it is illicit for a priest to sing the words of the consecration. Is it so, and where is it written? Answer …

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24 Mar 2016 Articles Comments (27)

Pope Francis' 13 Warnings against Satan

These are Pope Francis' thirteen (13) most popular warnings against the devil:   1) “When one does not profess Jesus Christ, one professes the worldlines…

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11 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

What are Mormons referring to when they talk about "the stick of Joseph"?

Full Question A Mormon missionary has been trying to argue for the Book of Mormon by discussing "the stick of Joseph" and "the stick of Judah." What on ear…

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06 Jan 2017 Articles Comments (3)

Mulling the practical pros and cons of married priests

There are plenty of historical and theological arguments for and against married priests, but few stop to consider the practical pros and cons. Yet Catholicism …

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02 Nov 2014 Articles No comments

Paganism, Prophecies, and Propaganda

Did you know that Catholic bishops are actually high priests of Dagon, the ancient fish deity of the Philistines? You see, the miter the bishop wears is a repli…

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A touching Letter of Hope to an Unborn Child from a Survivor-mum of the Brussels terror attack

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With respect to the bomb-blast at the Brussels Zaventem international airport last week, a mom who was present at the time of the chaos wrote a heart-touching letter to her unborn 16-weeks-old baby in utero, telling the baby  how the attack left her and the baby’s dad devastated.

The Author of the letter, Sneha Mehta and her husband Sameep Mehta (the Parents of the unborn baby) arrived the Airport together before the bombs went-off and roofs where collapsing and the grounds shocks. They both struggled and rushed out of the airport and rushed to the hospital to check-out on the safety state of their baby. Despite the traumatic chaos of the day, the ultrasound exam showed the Mehtas’ baby peacefully sucking its thumb – almost unaware of the terror happening outside the womb. On getting home to Antwerp, Sneha decided to write a letter to her unborn baby as a reminder of all that had happened. According to CNN reports, the parents have decided to seal the letter and give it to the child at the age of 16 or later.

According to CNN, the letter reads:

"Hi Sweetheart,
I don't know if we already acknowledged this with you in person, but when you were 16 weeks old, mum and dad were in an explosion at Brussels Airport.
And no matter where humanity is today, I just want to tell you that life is a wonderful thing, and the world is really full of remarkable people.
You didn't just give mum and dad faith and reason to live, you gave the awareness and presence of mind like never before.
 I felt more alive than I ever have, and I knew I had to protect you, so I was calm, composed and fully aware that we will survive.
When we reached Sint-Augustinus emergency, and we saw you oblivious and sucking at your thumb at the ultrasound, and doing your general acrobatics, all the mistrust, hate and angst for the terrorist attack vaporized.
I do hope with all my heart that you are born into a better world, and if not, then you do absolute best to make it that.
You are absolutely precious to us, and have already been a hero today.
I guess the world has sent so much love and hope your way, you owe your life to reciprocating that goodness.
 May you always be brave and healthy.
We love you beyond words, Mum and Dad."


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    What would have happened if the unborn child had died? The RCC maintains that salvation is impossible without baptism. It permits you to “hope” that God would save this innocent soul, but the doctrine says there are a short range of options… a) it goes to Hell with original sin on its soul, b) it goes to Limbo, the highest level of Hell, or c) you can “hope” that God isn’t a monster who will send it to (a) or (b). What good, civilized, rational person could worship an all-powerful being that would do that?

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