04 Feb 2016 Articles No comments

A Pope’s Answer to the Problem of Pain

He was in third grade when his mother died; his only sibling, an older brother, died three years later; he discovered his father dead on the floor in their apar…

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09 Aug 2016 News No comments

Pope praises witness of 10 athletes on Refugee Olympic Team

The 2016 Summer Games in Rio marks the first time a refugee team has officially participated in the Olympics In a personal message addressed to each of the 10 …

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11 Jan 2016 News Vatican Comments (2)

Pope Francis reveals his thoughts on challenges facing Catholicism; emphasizing that he could have been in Prison

In his first new book since his Pontificate, the Pontiff revealed his thoughts on challenges facing Catholicism in the 21st Century over divorce, homosexuality …

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23 May 2016 Americas Asia-Pacific Europe News USA Vatican No comments

Philippine President-elect accuse some Catholic Bishops of violating their vow of celibacy

The presumptive Philippine president-elect has launched a verbal attack on the country’s dominant Church as “the most hypocritical institution" and accused some…

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26 Dec 2014 Q&A No comments

Hasn't the Church destroyed an entire continent by preaching against condoms for protection from AIDS?

Full Question How can you people look at yourselves in the mirror knowing that you have basically destroyed an entire continent by spreading your message t…

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30 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Watch: Sistine Chapel Choir releases sacred music album recorded in its chapel As the first album ever to be recorded inside the Sistine Chapel is released, Archbishop Georg Ganswein said the …

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30 Oct 2015 News Vatican Comments (1)

Pope Francis rekindles a Historical bond between the Jews and the Catholics

Pope Francis has responded to the recent attacks on the Israelites by Jews and any other against the Jews as well. The Pope made it clear that either way, an at…

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28 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Pope Francis: I leave with a heart full of gratitude and hope

As he concluded his historic visit to the United States, Pope Francis thanked organizers and volunteers, saying that he concludes his trip with appreciation and…

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Cardinal strongly criticises governments that fail to prioritise clean water

Cardinal Turkson made the comments in a keynote address for World Water Week in Stockholm A cardinal has spoken out against corporations and governments that f…

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A Virgin Mary’s Statue in California weeping Miraculous tears

A Statue of the Virgin Mary in Fresno California is reported to be seen weeping a miraculous tears. The Statue is said to be owned by the family of Maria Cardenas, a catholic woman residing in Fresno California. Cardenas told local news station ABC30 Action News that the Statue is a 10 years old Mother’s Day gift to her.

The family ABC30 Action News that the tears have been coming and going for more than a year and half now. According to Joe Ybarra, a correspondent of ABC30 Action News and an eye witness of the weeping Statue confirmed the miraculous occurrence saying that the tears flow much from Mary’s right eye, he explained that Cardenas placed a glass under Mary’s face to collect the tears dropping from Mary’s eyes. Cardenas shares the tears to all those who want to see in her neighborhood.

The family are not yet announcing their exact address in Fresno, California, but have and are still welcoming lot of people into their home to to see the weeping statue for themselves. These have included several Catholic Priest in California.

“We’re not hiding her, but at the same time, we don’t want anything to happen to her," a caretaker of the statue, who chose to remain anonymous, told ABC30.

The news crew stayed to see the statue weep, and reported that the tears were oily, smelled like roses, and were welling up continuously.

Bishop Armando Ochoa of the Diocese of Fresno when questioned of the validity of the miracle have confirmed in a statement that he is wasn’t earlier informed of the miracle in the Family at Fresno until now that it’s publicized.

“It is unknown who the priests are that were being referenced in a related televised news story, as the Diocese has not had any member of the clergy report this matter to Bishop’s Office, to date," Bishop Ochoa said.

The family will be contacted by the diocese in a private manner in order to offer pastoral guidance regarding the phenomenon, he added.




  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    Riiiiiiight!!! And all those stories about possession by the devil, saints being in two places at once, et al are true also. In the present scientific climate, how silly do you folks want to be?

    1. Peter Blanco Reply

      What’s your conclusion with this then? I’m a Catholic man, but I’m all for learning the thought process of other people.

    2. Bella Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to read and expressing such an interest in learning about the Holy Spirit, and of course leaving feedback on a Catholic page. The crucifix does not consist of two parallel lines; and just because we cannot visibly see air, we still breathe it, it still exists, and it is still a necessity to life. You brought up possession, how about witnessing a live exorcism then coming back to tell us about it.

      We wish you many blessings.

      Thank you.

  2. Stella Villa Reply



    I believe the statue of Mother Mary is crying because of the sin and violence on this earth!!! It’s too much that’s why she is crying.

  4. joann worsley Reply

    May God bless our world

  5. Talia Robles Reply

    What day exact day did this start happening

  6. Flora Sheldrake Reply

    Let’s console Our Lady’s sorrows by repenting, examine your soul!

  7. MargaretLee Reply

    This has nothing to do with science. This is about Faith in God and respect for his mother. Leave the the faithful alone.

  8. Hung Nguyen Reply

    I am a believer because Mother had done several Miracles for me. I used to have migraine head ache, ucer, and arthritis for more than 10 yrs and was cured when I prayed the Rosary. While Jesus & Mother cured me, I had felt every things was happening through my body. And Mother had appeared for me several years ago. I know some I f you may say I am full of craps, but the truth is the truth and I dont gain any thing by lying. God Bless to you all believer.

    Hung Nguyen

    1. Anna Reply

      Thanks for sharing your story. I believe everything you say. Thank God for your healing. Please pray for all those who don’t believe.

  9. Deeps Reply


  10. olisakwe chibundo Reply

    Our mother pls heal me

  11. kim hightower Reply

    If this is True they should donate it to their local church so everyone can worship the fact that they dont leads me to believe this isnt so true

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