24 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (3)

Could the appearance of Moses and Elijah with Christ at the Transfiguration be used as evidence of reincarnation?

Full Question Could the appearance of Moses and Elijah with Christ at the Transfiguration in Matthew 18:1-8 be used as evidence of reincarnation? …

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07 Oct 2014 Vatican No comments

Synod14: Full Text of Second General Congregation

Below is a translation of the Second General Congregation of the Synod of Bishops held Monday afternoon in the Vatican *** SYNOD 14 Summary Synod 14…

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11 Apr 2015 Q&A No comments

Can we have our marriage convalidated immediately?

Full Question May two Baptists, baptized in the Trinity, married by a justice of the peace, and now going through RCIA to enter the Catholic Church, have t…

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07 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Is our marriage sacramental now?

Full Question My husband and I were married in the Catholic Church. My husband was a baptized Catholic, but I had not yet been baptized at the time. I have…

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15 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (4)

Why do we have to pick saints' names for our children's baptism?

Full Question I'm not a Catholic, but my wife is. We've decided to have our two children baptized and brought up as Catholics. We've been getting instructi…

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07 Mar 2016 News Vatican No comments

Convicted juvenile serving 11-year jail sentence finds consolation in Pope's letter to him

Convicted juvenile Carlos Adrian Vazquez Jr. now 18 started serving an 11-year jail sentence at the age of 16 for involuntary manslaughter. Carlos had writt…

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27 Mar 2015 Q&A No comments

Can you explain to a Buddhist the role of the Crucifixion in the Church before the 10th century?

Full Question I am a Buddhist wondering what role the Crucifixion played in the Church prior to the 10th century. Answer Please allo…

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Catholic lawyer raises legal concerns after Ofsted chief backs gender-neutral school toilets

Neil Addison says schools maybe sued if a crime is committed following the implementation of the policy Catholic schools that voluntarily set up gender-neutral…

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Five things you don’t know about Archbishop Oscar Romero

When the Catholic Church declares someone “blessed," the final step before sainthood, it’s a person receiving the honor, not a symbol. In the case of the late A…

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Always reach out for Jesus as he passes by, says Pope Francis

‘Let us allow ourselves to be called by Jesus, healed by Jesus, forgiven by Jesus and follow him,’ says Holy Father at general audience

Indifference and hostility can blind Christians from recognising Jesus in those most in need, Pope Francis said.

This indifference and hostility can turn into aggression toward people often marginalised by society, the Pope said during his weekly general audience.

“How many times, when we see so many people on the street – people in need, the sick, those with nothing to eat – we feel bothered. How many times, when we find before us so many refugees and displaced people, we feel bothered. It is a temptation; we all have this, everyone, including myself," he said.

The Pope reflected on the Gospel reading of a blind beggar in Jericho whose sight was restored after pleading with Jesus to heal him.

“The people walking in front rebuked him, telling him to be silent, but he kept calling out all the more, ‘Son of David, have pity on me!’" the Gospel reading says.

Those who told the beggar to be quiet reproached him “as if he did not have a right to cry out". However, despite his blindness, the poor man “sees with the eyes of faith" and his plea was powerful enough to attract Jesus’s attention.

“Let us also think this, when we found ourselves in awful situations, even sinful situations, how it was Jesus who took our hand and took us out from the margins to the path of salvation," the Pope said.

The Gospel reading, he added, teaches Christians that the good news implies placing those excluded at the centre and that Jesus’s merciful presence is an opportunity for “those in need of help and consolation" to cry out to him.

“Even in our lives, Jesus passes by. When I notice Jesus passing by, it is an invitation to come close to him, to be a better person, to be a better Christian, to follow Jesus," he said.

Christians are called to follow the path of the blind man who “glorified God" and followed Jesus after being healed, the Pope said.

“We are all beggars; we are always in need of salvation. And all of us, every day, need to make this step: from beggars to disciples," he said. “Let us allow ourselves to be called by Jesus, healed by Jesus, forgiven by Jesus and follow him, praising God."


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