05 Nov 2015 Europe News No comments

The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer ordains a new priest in Aberdeen

The Redemptorists, along with family and friends celebrated with great joy the ordination of Fr Peter Morris CSsR. The ordination took place last week Monday at…

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17 Nov 2015 Articles No comments

About Gammarelli: The Popes' Tailor since 16th Century

Ditta Annibale Gammarelli is known throughout the church world, and is in the list of historic shops of the city of Rome. Six generations of Gammarellis have ha…

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30 Jul 2016 Q&A Comments (1)

In biblical times, what did a person do that made him considered a prophet? Did he have to perform miracles?

Full Question In biblical times, what did a person do that made him considered a prophet? Did he have to perform miracles? Answer The basic qualifi…

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Catholic families are doing pretty well, bishops insist

ROME — The number of families living a traditional Catholic life is a positive situation that the Church should celebrate, but one that is being overshadowed by…

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28 Aug 2016 Articles Comments (4)


It was on February 2, 1998, that I had the experience of a lifetime, in more ways than one. It was a Papal Mass with Pope John Paul II, on the Feast of the Pres…

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18 Jul 2015 Articles Comments (1)

Falling in Love with God: The Greatest Romance

There are days when I do battle with a deadly spiritual malady, a form of spiritual heart disease. It comes in two forms, both rather sneaky in how they creep u…

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29 Nov 2015 Articles No comments

Theory of the Paschal Banquet

Paschal Banquet is the Holy Eucharist in as much as Christ sacramentally makes present his Passover and gives us his Body and Blood, offered as food and drink, …

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07 Nov 2015 Europe News No comments

Pope Francis praise and encouraged Pro-life workers

Pope Francis in an audience with members of Italy’s pro-life movements, Praised greatly the efforts of the Pro-life members for fighting and defending the integ…

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21 Jun 2016 Americas Asia-Pacific Australia Europe Middle East News USA Vatican No comments

Patriarch survives attack by suicide bomber in Syria

The head of the Syrian Orthodox Church had a narrow escape on Sunday when a suicide bomber blew himself up during a commemoration service which he attended. …

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American analysts sees acceptance of immigrants as ‘suicide of Christian Europe’

An American political analyst has charged that Pope Francis is contributing to “the suicide of Christian Europe" by encouraging immigration from Africa.

Speaking to an Italian audience, Edward Luttwak said that the Pope “has been sending the wrong signal since the beginning." He argued that Muslim immigrants are working toward “the gradual Islamization of Europe."

“In today’s Europe," Luttwak said, “I see no will to survive." He observed that the Roman Empire fell when barbarians from the north of Europe invaded. “Now they come from the south,” he said.


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