An Angel from Heaven Caught on Camera

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We all have guardian angels and we know they help us – but when was the last time we actually saw one in action?

One mall security camera captured clear evidence of angels performing works to help mankind.

The video was uploaded by TheAdrian108 August 5, 2012, but angelic visitations work no different today than they did at that time.

TheAdrian108 captioned the video with the message: “In the end, we saw an angel. Is beautiful then [sic] all…Maybe is Lucifer….But maybe is an angel from Heaven…

“But why did he come into that place? : Lets see the video”.

A dark, quiet shopping mall appears on the screen, a lone man or woman walking toward the bottom right of the screen.

The pedestrian walks off camera, and all is still for a few seconds until suddenly a bright white being flies down from the top right of the camera.

It clearly resembles the traditional description of an angel. It appears human in shape but has large white wings, which the angel holds open around its body as it reaches down.

The angel seems to pick something off the ground before flying away, at a different angle, past the camera’s view on the top right of the screen.

The sighting in itself is amazing, but when you look closely, it is evident when it lands the ground appears to be struck with lightening-like bolts of light. Even the pillars and tree boxes are temporarily lit up by the angel’s brightness.

The angel moves so quickly, the illumination follows its landing by a fraction of a second, implying the angel can move faster than the speed of light.

Both the angel and the obvious light of its presence are a sight to behold, but the video continues, revealing there were witnesses.

They may not have seen the angel, as it came and left so quickly, but they saw the evidence – the light.

Four people who saw the light rushed to the site and began inspecting the ground, looking for its source.

In broken English, TheAdrian108 writes: “Did you see it? …I think so..This paranormal think [sic] dosen’t [sic] look fake…nobody of us can make that effect, it’s imposible [sic]. It’s an angel and real angel…What dose [sic] that mean?…Maybe he want to say something to our world…let’s see the video again..:”

The video replays with a red arrow pointing to the spot the angel lands.

“It was so beautiful….So beautiful wings…You feel like you know it? right [sic]?”

He then replays the video in slow motion and writes, “You feel something in your soul now… maybe…Let’s see clooser [sic]..”

He replays the video and zooms in to reveal the angel landing, head down, to grab something and fly off before the witnesses rush to the site. In even slower motion than before, he shows the angel moving.

“Wha [sic] He want from us…What he wake there? …He put a target there? …We don’t know…But maybe that angel…warns us about something..”

TheAdrian108 obviously doesn’t know what the angel was doing, nor can we be completely certain, but what we can do is refer to what the Bible says angels do.

First, Revelation 5:11 tells us there are so many angels man can’t possibly count them all. There are “ten thousand times ten thousand of them and thousands upon thousands.”

With that many angels, it’s easy to assume the one captured in the video is a guardian angel. Maybe someone lost an earring precious to them and the angel was answering a prayer for the jewelry’s safe return. It’s certainly possible.

2 Kings 19:35 says angels are powerful, so the swift speed in which the angel flies in and out should come as no surprise.

Daniel 6:23 explains angels protect humans. What if the witnesses were on their way to something dangerous? What if there was a drunk driver who would have hit them had they not veered from their original course?

We don’t know what the angel was doing but we do know three things:

  1. It was swift
  2. It illuminated its surroundings
  3. It allowed itself to be seen

What its purpose was and what, exactly, those witnesses saw may never be known but what can be substantiated is angels exist and everything the Bible says about them is true.

The next time you pray for help or speak to your guardian angel, remember this video and know God has given them the power to help you.

By Kenya Sinclair


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Kenya, have you no shame? Taking advantage of people foolish and ignorant enough to believe claptrap like this? Has anyone been to the movies recently? Any idea how easy it is to generate something like this?
    This video was uploaded by a site that has as it’s description “I like to make videos of all kinds.” The site is full of paranormal and UFO videos. That’s a lot of credibility there! And it was uploaded in 2012 which leaves plenty of time to have taken it to video professionals to be examined – has any such attempt been made? No – otherwise our sensationalist, fake news journalist would have said so. In the first sequence you can hear a sound – which wouldn’t be on a security camera, otherwise we’d have heard the people.
    In the YouTube comments, people in the video business express confidence that it’s faked. The video doesn’t tell us where the mall is, who the people are, when this happened – there’s nothing with which to attempt to validate it. For Kenya to present this as though it was verified and real is highly irresponsible journalism – but that’s no surprise for this sensationalist, fake-news journalist. She says, “What its purpose was and what, exactly, those witnesses saw may never be known but what can be substantiated is angels exist and everything the Bible says about them is true.” What a load of crap! “….what those witnesses saw may never be known” and yet this somehow substantiates that angels exist and that everything the bible says about them is true? GARBAGE. Total garbage. You didn’t take logic in school, did you Kenya? Please quote for me from the bible, where it says that they have wings. Why would an angel need wings? You are a bad person, Kenya – a bad person, to be taking advantage of the people that you know are gullible and ignorant enough to swallow this garbage. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    And what work is this angel doing for God? Picking up a dropped quarter?

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