Angelic, blonde child featured as child executioner in terrifying new ISIS video (WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT)

A new propaganda video features a young blonde boy executing a prisoner in Iraq.

The 15-minute video, like so many before it, has been deeply edited to give multiple angles as prisoners are beheaded, features footage of bombs dropping on Middle Eastern towns and the last words of a lone prisoner in an orange jumpsuit.

The disturbing footage shows a girl crying in the doorway, children bleeding, men pulled from rubble and corpses lining the streets.

People are screaming with grief and sifting through rubble to pull the body of a dead child from beneath a couch and pile of rubble.

The grief is tangible and it is obvious the terrorist group blames everyone but themselves for the pain and suffering of their people.

A man speaks form his cell but his words were not translated.

The film, titled, “But If You Return, We Will Return 3,” featured several angles of the man speaking, including one in which he is laying on his side with a look of anguish etched in his features, were featured for a few minutes before the footage cut to a news report.

Another man was speaking from a secluded cell and the camera shifted to a horrifying scene.

A young blonde boy stands holding a handgun and walks around a metal cage holding eight blindfolded men in orange jumpsuits.

One of the men is removed and several cameras show different angles, in slow motion, of his beheading.

More men follow the first as they peacefully accept their fates.

The camera zooms in on each man before he is beheaded and the final man stares at his fallen comrades, all of whom had their bodies placed in a circle with their severed heads resting on their own bodies.

Cubs of the Caliphate are being brainwashed and used by ISIS. Cubs of the Caliphate are being brainwashed and used by ISIS.

The child is nowhere to be seen during the executions but he is present, sitting on a bench with a Jihad’s arm around his shoulders, staring at the semi-circle of bodies.

His head is down and the executioner stands, bringing the boy with him.

The camera turns to a man speaking before a screen showing the executions of fellow prisoners as their heads are sawed from their bodies with serrated knives.

More men stand before the gruesome footage and they likely state their alleged sins against the terrorist organization.

Six men are shown lining up and kneeling down. Their blindfolds are removed by children and a line of militants, four adults and two children, shoot the prisoners in the backs of their heads.

The scene is revealed in slow motion and the cameras zoom in to capture the gore.

More militants “confess their sins” and they are then beheaded. As a man’s head is slowly severed, a militant stands with a hand on the blonde boy’s shoulder as the child stares at the prisoner’s gruesome death.

The boy is then featured with the handgun. He pulls it from his holster and hands it to the militant standing behind him. The Jihad is also blond, and is likely the boy’s father.

The man takes his son’s hands in his and wrap them around the weapon. He takes aim and, pressing his index finger against the boy’s, helps the child pull the trigger.

The boy seems entirely void of emotion – no fear, no horror, no joy – nothing.

The terrorist cell is growing its army with the innocent and the propaganda video is a clear warning of what the group intends to spread across the world.

Please pray for an end to the violence, an end to the hatred and an end to the ongoing crimes against humanity.


By Kenya Sinclair



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Indeed it is absolutely horrible to see what religion and belief in deities can bring people to do. You don’t think any little Catholic kids started bonfires to roast witches back in the day? Just as those Catholics were righteous in their belief that they were doing Yahweh’s work, so too are these people righteous in their belief that they are doing Allah’s work. The Abrahamic religions have been responsible for this kind of thing for a couple thousand years now.

  2. Irene Michaud-Bradford Reply

    So fight hate with hate? Must you make judgement of things you don’t understand?

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