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Clare of Assisi as Model: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Calls for Women of Courage to Renew the Church

In her convent of San Damiano, Clare heroically practiced the virtues that should characterize all Christians: humility, a spirit of piety and penance, and char…

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01 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (52)

Why do we celebrate Jesus' birth on December 25?

Full Question A friend tells me that Jesus was probably born in the summer. How do I explain to her the reason the Church celebrates Christmas on December …

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23 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Can a baby in the womb be baptized?

Full Question If we believe that life starts at conception, why do we wait for birth before baptizing children? Could one use amniotic fluid to baptize a b…

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02 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (2)

If our Lord's last name was "Christ," does that mean that "Christ" was also the last name of Mary and…

Full Question If our Lord's last name was "Christ," does that mean that "Christ" was also the last name of St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary? …

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How to Eliminate Pornography

Newspaper, magazine, and online commentators have served up any number of reasons for the hatred underlying terrorist attacks. Many of them say the root o…

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Why are snipers a routine part of the Holy Father's security?

Full Question Why are snipers a routine part of the Holy Father's security? Answer In addition to being the spiritual head of the Catholic Church, …

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15 Dec 2016 Middle East News Vatican Comments (1)

Terrorists responsible for St. Mark's Cathedral attack finally named

When St. Mark's Cathedral was attacked, 25 people - primarily women and children - were killed. At least 25 people were killed and another 49 were injured in…

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06 Oct 2014 Vatican Comments (1)

Pope's Homily to Vatican Gendarmerie

He who sows the “discord of gossip," which explodes like “bombs," destroying “the life of others" and also “the life of the Church," is the devil. Not “an idea"…

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After fire damages Indianapolis church, archbishop asks for prayers

A fire badly damaged St. Monica Catholic Church in northwest Indianapolis overnight on Wednesday. “Please pray for the parish of St. Monica," Archbishop Jose…

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Apostolic nuncio celebrates Mass for migrants at Mexico border

Archbishop Christophe Pierre celebrated Mass along the Arizona-Mexico border

The representative of Pope Francis in the US led a cross-border Mass on Sunday in an effort to bring awareness to the plight of immigrants and refugees.

Archbishop Christophe Pierre, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, was the principal celebrant as the 3pm Mass got underway in both Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico.

At least 250 people showed up on the Arizona side, said Steff Koeneman, spokeswoman for the Diocese of Tucson.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many came on the Mexico side. An altar was erected on both sides of the border.

Some sat in camping chairs or held umbrellas while listening to the Mass in 80-degree weather.

The Mass is the third one along the Arizona-Mexico border this year and is organised by Dioceses Without Borders, a group composed of church leaders from around Arizona and the Mexican border state of Sonora.

Diocese of Tucson Bishop Gerald Kicanas says the Mass focused on immigration, a major issue for the church.

Pope Francis has been outspoken in favour of immigration reform and humane treatment of migrants. Prayers were said for Border Patrol agents and others who work around the border.

“His decision to join us is a reminder that this is an issue very important to our Holy Father," Bishop Kicanas said of Pierre’s attendance.

Past border Masses have included the delivery of communion through the fence that divides the US and Mexico, but that wasn’t be the case this time because the Border Patrol won’t allow it, church leaders say. The Masses in the past have drawn thousands.

Bishop Kicanas says the Mass was also organised to highlight the close relationship between the Diocese of Tucson and the recently founded Nogales, Sonora, diocese.

But the primary focus is to bring attention to immigrants and refugees, Bishop Kicanas said.

“The economic migrant is not a criminal. The economic migrant is someone seeking a decent way of life for themselves, for their family," Bishop Kicanas said.

The church has been vocal in its support of migrants. When Pope Francis visited Mexico early this year, he gave a special blessing to migrant families along the border in Ciudad Juarez.

Francis stood on a specially built platform next to the Rio Grande, which separates the two countries, and offered a silent prayer for thousands of immigrants who died while trying to reach America.


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