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Why I'm Catholic: The Foundational Error of Sola Scriptura

One the great church historians of the nineteenth century, German Lutheran scholar Adolf Harnack, bemoaned the ignorance his mainly Lutheran university students…

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Fr. Powers named new Bishop of Superior

Pope Francis on Tuesday named Fr. James P. Powers as the new Bishop of Superior, Wisconsin. Fr. James P. Powers aged 62, is a Priest of the Diocese of Superi…

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Satanic black mass allowed in Oklahoma for fear of legal backlash

Over 100,000 people signed a petition demanding Oklahoma cancels a satanic "black mass" scheduled at public location this summer - but the mass will likely ensu…

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Pope Francis lays out gentle critique of Cuba’s Socialist revolution

Pontiffs don’t normally traffic in irony, but Pope Francis delivered a major dose of it Sunday by celebrating a Catholic Mass in Havana’s Revolution Square, a s…

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The Authority of the Pope: Part I

In other Catholic Answers tracts, we have shown that the Church Fathers recognized that Jesus made Peter the rock on which he would build his Church, that this …

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Should Christmas trees be considered a religious symbol?

Full Question Non-Christians claim that Christmas trees are a religious symbol of Christmas. Is a Christmas tree really a religious symbol of Christmas equ…

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LETTER: Donald Trump pledges support for major Catholic issues

Donald Trump has sent a letter to Catholics, affirming his position on pro-life issues, religious liberty and school choice. Donald Trump has sent a letter t…

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Was this truly a Mass if a woman celebrated it?

Full Question My family and I were visiting a little town in Mexico, and we went to a Catholic church to pray, but then Mass began and instead of a priest …

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22 Dec 2015 Asia-Pacific News Comments (3)

St Alphonsus Mary de Ligouri Parish Hosts Mass Wedding for Poor Couples that couldn't afford it

Amid heavy downpour on 19th December 2015,a Catholic Church in the Philippine St Alphonsus Mary de Ligouri conducted a mass wedding for thirteen beautifully dr…

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Arab Israelis join protest against cuts in funding for Christian schools

Arab students in Israel went on strike on September 7, in an expression of support for the country’s Christian schools.

The 400,000 striking students joined Church leaders in a protest against deep 45% cuts in government support for Christian schools. The budget cuts imperil the future of the Christian schools, which serve about 30,000 students but educate a disproportionate number of Israel’s top Arab scholars.


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