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Indifference to migrants is unacceptable, Pope tells Dominican Republic bishops

The Church in the Dominican Republic cannot be indifferent to the plight of Haitian immigrants, Pope Francis said last week during a meeting with the Dominican …

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05 Oct 2015 Articles Comments (1)

Should I go to confession if I can’t remember my sins?

Q. I am 87 years old, a Catholic all my life, and I have been diagnosed with dementia. My memory is terrible; my wife has to identify even relatives for me by n…

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25 Jun 2016 Americas Australia Europe News USA Vatican No comments

Pope Francis says Brexit vote leaves Europe with a ‘great responsibility’

Pope Francis has said the British decision to leave the European Union leaves a “great responsibility" for all of us to help ensure the “peaceful co-existence" …

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12 Nov 2015 News USA Vatican No comments

Fr.Fernando Karadima punished for molesting children claims he is innocent.

A prominent priest who was accused in 2011 by the Vatican of “sexually abusing minors" yesterday, maintained his innocence, saying he’s not guilty of the offen…

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16 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (5)

How can we be more accepting of gay people?

Full Question Most people who are gay feel that they were born that way and cannot change their orientation. They are rejected by society and faith communi…

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14 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (17)

How do I answer the charge that Catholics worship the pagan goddess Ishtar because we refer to Mary as Queen…

Full Question What is the answer to a friend who says we are worshiping the Babylonian goddess Ishtar when we honor Mary? He uses Jeremiah 44 as proof beca…

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28 Jun 2016 Articles No comments

The land where the Jesuits embraced modernity

In a letter of 1850 the Swiss Jesuit John Bapst declared that “the United States is the freest country in the world". Bapst had only arrived in America two year…

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The Holy Father visits Italian town of Greccio where First Crèche of Jesus was recreated by St. Francis

The Holy Father on Monday, made a surprise visit to the Italian town of Greccio, where St. Francis recreated the First Nativity Scene in December 1223,making us…

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29 Feb 2016 Articles Comments (2)

Mary, the Ark of the New Covenant

Why do Catholics call Mary the Ark of the New Covenant? Answering that question will take us on a thrilling journey through the Old and New Testaments. For…

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Archbishop of Canterbury to join Pope Francis in marking 30 years since Assisi

Religious leaders will participate in a three-day event celebrating the first World Day of Prayer

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will join Pope Francis in Assisi to mark the 30th anniversary of the first World Day of Prayer in 1986, when leaders representing 32 Christian organisations and 11 other religions converged to pray and fast together.

According to a schedule published by the Vatican, other religious leaders including Patriarch Bartholomew, Syrian Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II, and leaders of the Muslim, Jewish and Tendai Buddhist communities are invited to Assisi on September 20 to pray for peace. The event’s theme is “Thirst for Peace: Faiths and Cultures in Dialogue".

Several victims of war will join Pope Francis and the other religious leaders at a luncheon in the Franciscan friars’ convent. In the afternoon, the Pope will hold private meetings with many of the religious leaders, including Archbishop Welby and the patriarchs.

Pope Francis will participate in the concluding ceremonies of a three-day event sponsored by the Rome-based Community of Sant’Egidio. He will also participate in an ecumenical prayer service in the lower Basilica of St Francis.

After their prayer services, the Pope and religious leaders will meet in the square outside the basilica to listen to the testimony of a victim of war, to share their thoughts about peace-making and to sign a common appeal.


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