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Gunmen wearing suicide vests attack Christian area in Pakistan

Four militants stormed a Christian neighbourhood near Peshawar but were kept at bay by a single security officer with a rifle Northwestern Pakistan was struck …

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27 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (6)

I received ashes on Ash Wednesday, but my two-year-old son did not. Instead he was given a blessing. Is this…

Full Question I received ashes on Ash Wednesday, but my two-year-old son did not. Instead he was given a blessing. Is this a new practice? Answer …

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Pope Francis closes Holy Door to end Year of Mercy

The Pope said the doors of reconciliation should stay open Pope Francis has pulled shut the Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica, formally ending the Jubilee Year…

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Pope warns new cardinals against falling into polemics, division

On Saturday Pope Francis handed a red hat to 17 new cardinals, warning them against the danger of falling into polemics and animosity and encouraging them t…

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Knights of Columbus urge US Catholics to pray novena ahead of election

The novena is designed to help Catholic Americans choose who to vote for according to their conscience The Knights of Columbus is urging its members and other …

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John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne to close

Archbishop of Melbourne says 'small numbers of students' is forcing closure The Archbishop of Melbourne has announced that he is closing the John Paul II Insti…

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Letters from the Synod: October 8, 2015

Reports and commentary, from Rome and elsewhere, on the XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops DISQUISITIONS …being thoughts on Synod 2015 fr…

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Five breathtaking British pilgrimage sites off the beaten track

Pilgrimages are rising in popularity once more; here are some that deserve more attention During this year many readers will have visited some of the well-know…

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U.S youngest Catholic bishop installed as first bishop for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter

Bishop Steven J.Lopes 40 was ordained as the first bishop for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, a canonical structure equivalent to a diocese …

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Archbishop Peta: The ‘smoke of Satan’ has entered synod discussions

A Kazakhstani archbishop has said that the Church must defend Christ’s teaching on marriage

A archbishop from Kazakhstani has said that the “smoke of Satan" entered the Extraordinary Synod last year.

According to LifeSiteNews, During his intervention at the Ordinary Synod of the Family last Friday, Polish-born Archbishop Tomash Peta, Archbishop of Astana, said: “Blessed Paul VI said in 1972: ‘From some crack the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.’

“I am convinced that these were prophetical words of the holy pope, the author of ‘Humanae vitae’. During the Synod last year, ‘the smoke of Satan’ was trying to enter the aula of Paul VI."

Archbishop Peta continued: “Namely: the proposal to admit to Holy Communion those who are divorced and living in new civil unions; the affirmation that cohabitation is a union which may have in itself some values; the pleading for homosexuality as something which is allegedly normal."

Archbishop Peta said that the smell of this “infernal smoke" could still be perceived in some parts of the Instrumentum Laboris and in some of the interventions offered by the synod fathers.

He added: “To my mind, the main task of a Synod consists in indicating again to the Gospel of the marriage and of the family and that means to the teaching of Our Saviour. It is not allowed to destroy the fundament – to destroy the rock."




  1. Jay Burgherr Reply

    God be with and strengthen Archbishop Peta. He is recognizing enemy for who and what it is.

    1. Mario Martins Reply

      learn to listen and discern,learn to be merciful as the Father is to all humanity……..and you will do well when you meet up with him

  2. Mario Martins Reply

    while there appears to be a problem with the remarried and Catholic,each is an individual case,that must be heard by the church before judgement. Hard work i know but mercifull ,let the church help all those who want to come back to the sacraments of penance and the Holy Eucharist. Denying these people who need more,,,,,,,,is trully neglecting to be Gods representative on earth.Christ gives himself for sinners that is why he is there. Should there be a complete right to deny them this sacrament???Gods judgement is ultimatley on all of us.God demands mercy love understanding ,,,,he delights in penance,and conversion.Amen….

  3. Mario Martins Reply

    if you are in a habit of judging without trully making a great effort to help those in need then i am to agree ,that Satan too is behind this,,,,,,,,,,why???????BECAUSE he doesnt want you to be good and follow the faith and he wants to deny you all that can be good for your soul.Let all priests ,bishops cardinals open the way for all who trully want to embrace our great faith,without all discrimination i have seen.Love in the end will triumph,those doctors of the law who deny this love,are indeed diminishing the works of God Almighty………….the world needs more peace more understanding more love.anyone who does not like peace , love,understanding can not be of God…………………..

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