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07 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Where did the chapter and verse numbers of the Bible originate?

Full Question Where did the chapter and verse numbers of the Bible originate? Were they in the original manuscripts? Answer The chapters of t…

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31 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (2)

Does the Bible say marriage is for a man and a woman?

Full Question Does the Bible say marriage is for a man and a woman? Answer Marriage between a man and a woman was instituted by God with Adam and…

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18 Oct 2014 Vatican No comments

A missionary Pope: Cardinal Etchegaray's memory of Paul VI

Vatican City, Oct 18, 2014 / 03:57 pm .- Paul VI was a missionary Pope who wished to bring the light of the Gospel all over the world, a cardinal who worked wit…

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08 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Cooperation among believers grows in Albania after decades of brutal persecution, Pope notes

“We must never become resigned to war,” Pope Francis insisted in a message to a conference organized by the Sant’Egidio community. “And we must not remain indif…

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12 Aug 2016 Europe Middle East Middle East - Africa News USA Vatican No comments

Don't let ISIS win - What Catholics can do to stop the terror

The Islamic State continues to bombard the world with their reign of terror - so what can Catholics do about it? Last March, the Vatican's top diplomat, Arch…

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06 Sep 2014 USA Comments (1)

Supreme Court asked to defend Seal of Confession in La. case

Baton Rouge, La., Sep 6, 2014 / 07:32 am .- The Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court to review a ruling that a diocesan pri…

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10 Dec 2015 News Vatican No comments

The Holy Father Postpones his Pastoral visits to Italian Dioceses

Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan announced in the December 10th  press conference that Pope Francis have cancelled all his plan for a Pastoral visit to Italian Di…

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28 Aug 2016 Articles Comments (3)


The 13th-century scholar Thomas Aquinas, regarded as one of the most eminent medieval philosophers and theologians, offered a biting critique of Islam based in …

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02 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis: faith transforms family life for the better

Christ’s teaching that those who love family members more than they love than him are not worthy of him (Mk. 10:37-38) is not intended to denigrate family life,…

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Archdiocese: news reports distorted Newark archbishop’s efforts to guide priests

A memo from the Archbishop of Newark to his priests on the reception of the Eucharist aimed to provide guidance amid the challenges of modern life, but was “taken wildly out of context” in media reports.

James Goodness, the Newark archdiocese’s communications director, told CNA Oct. 15 that the memo is about principles, not rules or particular law. He said these principles aim to call on priests to “walk with the people” in their situations and “to cherish and welcome them to participate as they can, according to the faith.”

“This direction is very much in line with the thinking and actions of Pope Francis,” Goodness said.

He added that the Pope is “reminding priests today that Church teaching will not change, but that we are all called to help people to understand the teaching, resolve differences, and bring about conversion.”
Archbishop John Myers of Newark’s Sept. 22 memo provided principles to help preserve and protect the Catholic faith “in the midst of an increasingly secular culture.”

Archbishop Myers said the Church will “continue to cherish and welcome her members” and “invite them to participate in her life to the degree that their personal situation permits them honestly to do so.”

The memo explained that non-Catholics should not receive Holy Communion nor should “any Catholic who publically rejects Church teaching or discipline” in public statements or by joining or supporting organizations that reject Church teaching.

“They are asked to be honest to themselves and to the Church community,” the memo continued.

The memo said that the archdiocese’s parishes and other institutions should allow their facilities to be used only by persons and organizations which agree with Catholic teaching “or, at least, not oppose them.”

“Catholics, especially ministers and others who represent the Church, should not participate in or be present at religious events or events intended to endorse or support those who reject or ignore Church teaching and canon law,” the archbishop’s memo said.
The memo drew hostile coverage from several news outlets and speculation about its motives.

Goodness said there was no special reason for the document to be sent now except as a response to “confusion and misunderstanding on the teachings of the Church with regard to marriage.”

“Archbishop Myers felt that, in his role as teacher of the faith in this archdiocese, it would be appropriate for him to give some advice and direction to priests and others involved in parish ministry as they deal directly with people who are facing some of the challenges about married life and living
according to the faith,” Goodness told CNA.

By Kevin J. Jones


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