Are marital relations not supposed to pleasurable because they are only for reproductive purposes?

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Are marital relations not supposed to pleasurable because they are only for reproductive purposes?


The primary purposes of marital relations are procreation and spousal unity (babies and bonding), but that does not mean that the husband and wife are not supposed to derive pleasure from their marital relations. Although pleasure is not a purpose of sex, it is important to fulfilling the purposes of sex.

God gave humans the capacity to enjoy food and sex in order to encourage them to fulfill the purposes of those human needs. A moral problem occurs only when deriving pleasure from food and sex is put above or in the place of its intended purpose. Someone who eats solely for pleasure, without regard for the needs of his body, abuses the privilege of eating. In the same way, someone who has sex solely for pleasure, without regard for its intended purposes of babies and bonding, abuses the privilege of sex.


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    No, God did not give humans the capacity to enjoy food and sex. These were evolved traits that were essential to our survival. Our strong sex drive kept us pumping out babies during the tens of thousands of years when most of them died in childbirth or thereafter. If we had not evolved our sex drive, we’d have almost certainly gone extinct. Now this drive is causing great problems for us – not spiritual problems – overpopulation problems.
    Our population remained stable, even for 1800 years or so after Jesus because he didn’t know anything about germs and sanitation, otherwise the population boom we are in the middle of would have started much earlier. Now we have a serious problem with too many mouths chasing too few resources and polluting our world. When I was born there were 2.5 billion people and it took a couple hundred thousand years to get there. Now there are over 7 billion, in just a handful of decades. This is not sustainable. Fortunately we also evolved the means to deal with this problem. Our intellect, logic, reason and critical thinking skills led us to develop contraception in order to manage our evolved sex drive and hopefully avoid extinction; but this is not on the RCCs road map for mankind. They want to force the poorest among us to pump out even more poor, starving, diseased children, eating up resources like a virus on a petri dish, eventually consuming all nourishment and drowning in poisons. That’s the RCC’s apparent plan for mankind.

    How are disordered, celibate, virgins dressed in robes, supposed to know anything about the pleasure and value of sex? They speak of bonding – but not homosexual bonding, not unmarried bonding, not divorced bonding. They recognize the inherent value of sex – bonding – and then deny it to all but those who do it as they proscribe. Maybe if we all “bonded” together more, we’d be a happier society. Researchers say that atheists enjoy sex a lot more – probably because there’s no peeping god watching (and listening to the mind) when they are naked. Believers have no privacy and must be exhibitionists if they are to truly enjoy sex under the gaze of sexually obsessive Catholic god.

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