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Is it true that Catholics must totally and without question obey every dictate from their parish priest?

Full Question Is it true that Catholics must totally and without question obey every dictate from their parish priest? Answer Certainly not! There …

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25 Oct 2014 Vatican No comments

Sistine Chapel being used as sacred place – not 'venue for private parties'

Vatican City, Oct 25, 2014 / 07:30 am .- Director of the Vatican Museums Antonio Paolucci has rejected rumors that they are now renting the Sistine Chapel, addi…

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08 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

'Complicit silence' of world powers allows persecution of Christians, Pope says

Pope Francis slammed the “complicit silence" of world powers that could intervene to stop the persecution of Christians, in his homily at morning Mass on Septem…

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13 Jul 2016 News USA Vatican Comments (1)

Cardinal Sarah and the Vatican: what people are saying

Cardinal Robert Sarah’s request to priests to celebrate mass ad orientem, and the response from the Vatican, have provoked much commentary. “It is highly unusua…

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06 Oct 2015 Europe News No comments

Papal prayer for Irish pro-life day

Pope Francis sent a message to the Irish people for the Day for Life, which took place on October 4. “Let us imitate God in protecting, guarding and defendin…

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06 Aug 2016 Articles Comments (11)

Why God Can't Command Us to Do Evil

Theists and atheists wield many weapons in the battle over the truth of God’s existence. One such weapon for theists is the moral argument, which asserts moral …

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Pope prays for family of journalist executed by Islamic State

Vatican City, Sep 9, 2014 / 05:04 pm .- Pope Francis has offered prayerful condolences to the family of Steven Sotloff, a U.S. journalist who was executed earli…

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Pope's video message to the Second International Congress of Theology in Buenos Aires: overcome the divorce between theology and pastoral…

Vatican City, 4 September 2015 (VIS) – Yesterday Pope Francis sent a video message to the participants in the Second International Congress of Theology, on the …

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Cardinal strongly criticises governments that fail to prioritise clean water

Cardinal Turkson made the comments in a keynote address for World Water Week in Stockholm A cardinal has spoken out against corporations and governments that f…

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As a Protestant who wishes to stay focused on the Lord, may I confess my sins to a priest in order to do so?

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I am a Protestant overwhelmed by the guilt of sin. Is it permissible for me to confess my sins to a priest? I think that I would stay more focused on staying closer to the Lord if I were accountable to a mature Christian.


Catholics do not primarily go to confession to stay focused, though the sacrament can help in this way. We go to confession because we believe that our sins are absolutely forgiven by Christ’s absolution given through the ministry of the priest. When Jesus breathed on his apostles and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained” (John 20:22-24), we believe that he literally meant that. If you believe this also, then perhaps you need to be a Catholic. To believe that a Catholic priest has the power to forgive sin when one’s own minister does not suggests that one is acknowledging some faith in the Catholic Church. Maybe you are closer to becoming one than you think. As it stands, one must hold the teachings of the Catholic Church to partake of its sacraments.



  1. adecentguy Reply

    Hey! – You can if you wish, though it’s not necessary. Many people in the Bible routinely advocate confessing to each other. BUT – Jesus is the only one who can wipe your sin away – He died on that cross, not the priest you confess to. It’s fine! Really is. Just make sure you also live in the freedom that Jesus provides through His sacrifice 🙂
    Galatians 6:1-5 – Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ. For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.
    Source(s): Life

  2. Luke Reply

    Yes, and it’s through the power of Christ (which compels you!) that the priest is able to perform his office, and absolve you in the name of the Trinity.

    1. Robert Umera Reply

      I don’t know about separated brethren, but as far as a catholic is concern, the only way your sins can be forgiven is through the sacrament of confession. There is no other way here. The best thing anyone can do for him/herself is to embrace the Catholic Faith, because there that survive it to the end shall be called “Faithful and True” and shall below the Biatic vision of eternal Father

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