10 Nov 2015 Americas News Comments (1)

Catholic nun wins competition on Food Network's reality cooking show

Sr. Alicia Torres, a member of the Chicago-based Franciscans of the Eucharist competed on the Food Network Show “Chopped" last Monday and won the competition. …

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17 Feb 2016 Articles No comments

A Catholic’s Story

Every time I read, in This Rock or elsewhere, the personal accounts of people who have been received into the Catholic Church after a long spiritual journey, I …

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17 Sep 2014 USA Comments (1)

Bishops: We Have Long Warned That Obamacare Covered Abortion

A new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) “confirms the U.S. bishops’ longstanding concern about abortion coverage" in the Affordable Ca…

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24 Aug 2014 Vatican Comments (1)

Pope prays for peace in Ukraine

Pope Francis lamented "tension and conflict" in Ukraine and prayed for "peace and tranquility" there on the country's Independence Day. The pope made his remar…

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09 Dec 2015 News USA Comments (1)

Flood in Lancaster: Year of Mercy Mass cancelled

The Year of Mercy Mass was cancelled yesterday in the Lancaster Cathedral due to the flood disaster that have rocked the regions of Cumbria and North Lancashire…

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03 Dec 2015 News USA Vatican Comments (1)

Reception of communion for Remarried Catholics would mean departing from Catholic teaching says Cardinal Burke

During an interview with Mass of Ages, the quarterly magazine of the Latin Mass Society, Cardinal Raymond Burke who is the patron of the Sovereign Military orde…

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04 Feb 2016 Articles Comments (7)

Witchcraft 101 (Five Things Apologists Should Know)

What springs to mind when someone mentions "witchcraft"? Three hags sitting about a cauldron chanting "Double, double, toil and trouble"? A pretty housewife tur…

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14 Mar 2016 Europe News No comments

Pope's schedule for the 31st World Youth Day in Auschwitz, Poland

According to the draft itinerary released by the Vatican Radio on Saturday, the Pontiff is set to make a five-day trip to Poland in July for the 31st World Yout…

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25 Jun 2016 Americas Australia News USA Vatican No comments

Faith, tried and true, gives hope for future, Pope tells Armenians

A solid, sorrow-tested Christian faith gives believers the strength to overcome even the most horrific adversity, forgive one’s enemies and live in peace, Pope …

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Be as uncompromising as St Thomas Becket, Cardinal Nichols tells priests

Cardinal Vincent Nichols encouraged priests to persevere in their ministry despite distressing circumstances, during his homily yesterday for the Jubilee of Priests at Santa Maria Regina degli Apostoli alla Montagnola in Rome.

The cardinal said: “A priest who is always complaining about his troubles, about his lack of free time, about his lack of money, about his companions, about his bishop, is a counter-sign. Yes, there is hardship; but, yes there is faithfulness; yes, there is resurrection, the true source of our daily hope, joy and perseverance."

The Cardinal also mentioned the visit of the Hungarian relic of St Thomas Becket as a reminder of the saint who “became a symbol of the resistance of the Church to powerful and unscrupulous rulers", saying that Thomas should be an “inspiration" for all priests.

“Thomas embraced his ordination as priest and bishop with a radical seriousness. So should we … His focus became Christ, the sole measure and motivation of every word and action. This is to be our focus too."

He added: “Thomas knew when compromise was no longer an acceptable path" which “led to a dramatic decision to return to his See, from exile, knowing his life was at risk."

Drawing on this example, the Cardinal cautioned: “For us the risks are less dramatic. They creep up on us as we slowly compromise and lose our distinctive identity and with it some of the edge, the power, of the witness we are to give."

Recalling that St Thomas’s tomb became a place of miraculous reconciliations, the Cardinal prayed that the ministry of priests would be characterised by “striving for the reconciliation of conflicting parties.

“This, of course, can only have its source in the gracious mercy of God, a mercy which, we know, God never tires of pouring out even while we grow weary of seeking it … and that this can only have as its source ‘the gracious mercy of God’ which is ‘poured out in the Sacrament of Reconciliation’."



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