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The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer ordains a new priest in Aberdeen

The Redemptorists, along with family and friends celebrated with great joy the ordination of Fr Peter Morris CSsR. The ordination took place last week Monday at…

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19 Feb 2016 Articles Comments (2)

Beware Fair-Minded Words

There are people in this country who believe there is a constitutional right to kill an infant in the womb. One of them is our commander in chief, who, aided an…

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14 Sep 2015 Europe News Comments (1)

English bishops issue pastoral letter on mercy and evangelization

The bishops of England and Wales have issued a pastoral letter on mission and mercy. The key to effective evangelization, said the bishops, is “to be ready t…

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01 Aug 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Are prenuptial agreements forbidden?

Full Question Are prenuptial agreements forbidden? Answer Although canon law does not mention the topic of prenuptial agreements, the Catholic Chur…

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Why Catholics Light Candles in Church

An obvious answer, of course, is "to provide light." In the early Church, Catholics often worshipped in the underground catacombs or burial vaults where they we…

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09 Mar 2016 Americas News Comments (1)

Archbishop of Toronto urges Canadians to help defeat suicide proposals

Lead official in Archdiocese of Toronto, Cardinal Thomas Collins has called on the federal government to protect the vulnerable and the dying. "Dying is simp…

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Are dialogue and reconciliation with the SSPX part of the Jubilee for Mercy?

Pope Francis' decision that during the Jubilee Year of Mercy the faithful can receive absolution from priests of the Society of St. Pius X is the most recent at…

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Westminster Cathedral chapel commemorates English martyrs

The Chapel of St George and the English Martyrs will host the decorative scheme A new decorative scheme commemorating forty English Catholic martyrs has recent…

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Hong Kong cardinal: strengthen marriage instead of redefining it

Cardinal John Tong of Hong Kong has issued a pastoral letter on marriage. Citing Pope Francis’s remarks on integral ecology, the prelate criticized Justice A…

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Bishops apologise for Church’s role in Rwandan genocide

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The Church acknowledged that members planned and took part in the genocide, in which more than 800,000 people were killed

The Catholic Church in Rwanda apologised on Sunday for the Church’s role in the 1994 genocide, saying it regretted the actions of those who participated in the massacres.

“We apologise for all the wrongs the Church committed. We apologise on behalf of all Christians for all forms of wrongs we committed. We regret that Church members violated their oath of allegiance to God’s commandments," said the statement by the Conference of Catholic Bishops, which was read out in parishes across the country.

The statement acknowledged that Church members planned, aided and executed the genocide, in which more than 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed by Hutu extremists.

In the years since the genocide — which was sparked by a contentious plane crash that killed the then-president, a Hutu — the local Church had resisted efforts by the government and groups of survivors to acknowledge the Church’s complicity in mass murder, saying those Church officials who committed crimes acted individually.

Many of the victims died at the hands of priests, clergymen and nuns, according to some accounts by survivors, and the Rwandan government says many died in the churches where they had sought refuge.

The bishops’ statement is seen as a positive development in Rwanda’s efforts at reconciliation.

“Forgive us for the crime of hate in the country to the extent of also hating our colleagues because of their ethnicity. We didn’t show that we are one family but instead killed each other," the statement said.

The statement was timed to coincide with the formal end Sunday of the Holy Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis to encourage greater reconciliation and forgiveness in his Church and in the world, said Bishop Phillipe Rukamba, spokesman for the Catholic Church in Rwanda.

Tom Ndahiro, a Rwandan genocide researcher, said he hoped the Church’s statement will encourage unity among Rwandans.

“I am also happy to learn that in their statement, bishops apologize for not having been able to avert the genocide," he said.


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Every time the Church criticizes Islam or other religions for their acts of violence and depravity, it MUST acknowledge its own crimes – else it has no credibility at all.
    What we see again and a gain is that faith is not something that ends violence, but something that creates and fuels it.

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