02 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Do these converts need to have their marriage convalidated?

Full Question Two of my friends are taking instructions to come into the Church. They are getting conflicting opinions as to whether they will need to "con…

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09 Jul 2016 News USA Vatican No comments

St Mary’s appoints Churchill expert as new pro vice-chancellor

The historian John Charmley has been appointed as pro vice-chancellor of St Mary’s, joining Francis Campbell and Ruth Kelly on the university’s senior team. …

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17 Sep 2014 USA Comments (1)

Cardinal Dolan: Ukraine 'flowing with blood,' America must speak up

New York City, N.Y., Sep 17, 2014 / 01:51 pm (CNA).- Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has urged U.S. Catholics to listen to the “chilling" pleas of Greek-Cath…

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28 Jan 2016 Articles Comments (4)

The Futility of Starting Your Own Church

The Church Comes Home is a book about the ultimate in atomistic Christianity: starting your own church in your own home. The authors are Robert and Julia Banks.…

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What will we be doing in Heaven? What will we do in Heaven?

Answer: In Luke 23:43, Jesus declared, "Truly I say to you, today you shall be with me in paradise." The word Jesus used for "paradise" is paradeisos which mean…

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Jesus Christ or Karl Marx? Tim Kaine's admits association with renegade Marxist priest

Tim Kaine spent nine months working in Honduras with Jesuits between 1980 and 1981. He has made it part of his political identity too, often referencing his mis…

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A Prisoner Plants Seeds of Faith

I’ve been evangelizing prisoners and writing about evangelization and apologetics for 22 years, beginning while still a catechumen (“Faith behind Bars," July-Au…

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Did Pope Gregory the Great say that anyone who claimed the title "universal bishop" was the Antichrist?

Full Question How do you reconcile the pope's claim to be the "universal bishop" or ecumenical patriarch with Pope Gregory the Great's statement that anyon…

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25 Jan 2016 Americas News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis to Visit Sweden to Observe her Reformation Commemoration

The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU) and the LWF, has confirmed that the Holy Father will be visiting Sweden for a joint ecumenical comm…

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Breathtaking Mother Teresa’s Status unveiled as a gift in New York

Hundreds gathered outside St. Athanasius Catholic Church in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, New York, to see the unveiling of a very special gift.

The President of the Republic of Albania, Bujar Nishani, unveiled a beautiful statue of Mother Teresa, who is officially recognized as St. Teresa of Calcutta by the Catholic Church, holding a child in her arms.

Although St. Teresa of Calcutta was a Catholic, her works brought people and religious leaders of several faiths together.

Marko Kepi, president of the Albanian Roots cultural organization, which donated the wonderful statue, stated: “Mother Teresa honored all Albanians with the great work that she did.

“She was beyond her faith when it came to helping people, and we felt it was important to have people of different faiths, backgrounds, and nationalities come because that’s what she was all about.”

Nishani joined several others to New York state Senator Martin Goldern, Mgr. David Cassato, St. Athanasius’ pastor, an imam, rabbi, Orthodox priest and Bronx Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, the son of Albanian immigrants.

Nishani told the crowd: “Today is very special. Our dear mother, St. Teresa, is with us.”

He called her a woman of “iron will” and “boundless love” before commenting she is “a saint of hope, of compassion, of unshakable trust in God.

“Mother Teresa is the most precious gift that the Albanian nation has generously bestowed to all mankind. I’m convinced that all of you, and everyone else who lives in Brooklyn, will be inspired and take the example of the life and work of the Albanian saint.”

The statue was a gift to Brooklyn from the Albanian community. The statue was a gift to Brooklyn from the Albanian community (CNS).

Mgr. Cassato stated: “There’s a strong Albanian community in Bensonhurst. They’re Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic – and they all claim Mother Teresa. It just shows the inclusive love of god.

Children present at the unveiling ceremony wore traditional Albanian garb while Indian and Irish dance troops performed in honor of the saint who became a nun in Ireland and worked primarily in India, Kepi explained.

The Albanian Roots said several community members from different faiths united to donate services to help install the effigy.

Behind the statue, a donated banner of St. Teresa’s image carried with it one of her most famous quotes on unity: “By blood, I am an Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun.

“As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the heart of Jesus.”

According to the Catholic Herald, Mgr. Cassato spoke of St. Teresa:

“She looked me in the eyes with her wrinkly face, handed me a medal of the Miraculous Medal, and said to me: ‘Be a good priest. Take care of God’s poor people.’

“Indeed, this is what her life was about. She showed God’s inclusive love to all people…Today, let us all recommit ourselves to helping the poor. Let us be as Mother Teresa: people dedicated to the poor.”

By Kenya Sinclair


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