British Prime Minister under pressure to formally declare ISIS activities as “Genocide”

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Prime Minister David Cameron has been urged to “urgently consider" the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

More than 60 British lawmakers in a letter written by Lord Alton of Liverpool and Baroness Cox has called on the Prime Minister to formally acknowledge the massacre of Christians in the Middle East as “genocide".

The lawmakers,two of them Catholic politicians has called on Prime Minister Cameron to use his authority to reach an agreement with the United Nations to recognize the evil act committed by the Islamic State. They say they have gathered enough evidence to prove that the terrorists had carried out the slaughter of minorities and targeted Christian communities in Iraq and Syria.

Over the past year, ISIS have kidnapped and raped thousands young Christians girls and women and used them as sex slaves.

The letter said : “This is not simply a matter of semantics.

“There would be two main benefits from the acceptance by the UN that genocide is being perpetrated.

“It would send a very clear message to those organising and undertaking this slaughter that at some point in the future, they will be held accountable by the international community for their actions; they will be caught, tried and punished.

“It would also encourage the 127 nations that are signatories to the convention to face up to their duty to take the necessary action to ‘prevent and punish’ the perpetrators of these evil acts".





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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Too bad there wasn’t a British PM to decrie the genocide and rape perpetuated by Joshua in the mythical conquest of Canaan.

    As long as mainstream religionists insist that their Bronze and Iron Age texts are “holy,” and “sacred” those carrying out the words written in them are not terrorists; they are not genocidal maniacs; they are righteous – doing what God told them to do.

    All of this discord based on something that never happened – The Exodus. Without it there is no foundation for any of the Abrahamic religions.

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