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11 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (7)

Are we really eating Jesus in the Eucharist, or is it only symbolic?

Full Question Do we really "eat Jesus"? Don't the words of consecration call only for a symbolic interpretation of eating and drinking of Christ's body and…

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30 Sep 2014 Articles Comments (4)

Can the Church founded by Christ mislead?

Many people who attack certain teachings end up showing their ignorance not in what they say but in what they attack; they show they do not actually understand …

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12 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

St. Andrews rejects suggestion to revoke honorary degree for Cardinal O'Brien

Scotland's oldest university has rejected a suggestion that it should rescind an honorary degree awarded to Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who resigned in disgrace in …

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16 Oct 2015 Middle East - Africa News Vatican Comments (2)

A synod conversation with Catholic Africa’s lion in winter

ROME — Supposedly Pope Paul VI once flirted with the idea of naming patriarchs for each of the world’s continents, as a step towards greater local control. Alth…

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11 Jan 2016 Q&A Comments (1)

Does "the black pope" wield the true power in the Vatican?

Full Question I heard that the Vatican is run by an individual called "the black pope," who holds all the real power. What do you say to that? Answe…

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30 May 2015 Exhortations Resources No comments

What does the world need? Mercy and love, Pope tells Christians

The Catholic Church shouldn’t be afraid of the great changes of the modern world, Pope Francis has said. Rather, the Church should embrace this “happy challenge…

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06 Sep 2015 Articles Comments (6)

Top 10 Misconceptions About The Catholic Church

10. Discourage Bible Reading Misconception: The Church discourages Bible reading The very first Christian Bible was produced by the Catholic Church – …

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15 Sep 2015 Americas News No comments

Euthanasia, clerical abuse on agenda of Canadian bishops’ meeting

Euthanasia and the response to the sexual abuse of Native Americans in residential Catholic institutions during the 20th century are among the items on the agen…

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25 Mar 2016 News Vatican No comments

Pope washes feet of several refugees including Muslims, Hindus and Copts

On Thursday, Pope Francis visited a refugee center to wash and kiss the feet of several refugees; including Muslims, Hindus and Copts — a gesture of solidarity …

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Bruce Willis quoted in new youth guide to Catholic social teaching

The book, also available as an app, includes chapters on God’s providence, the family, and economics

A new guide to Catholic social teaching, DoCat, has been launched at World Youth Day by Cardinal Luis Tagle. Like its predecessor, the youth catechism YouCat, it uses a bite-size question-and-answer format, and is heavily illustrated with photos, cartoons, and quotations. Pope Francis has contributed a preface.

The quotations draw heavily on Scripture and the saints, but also include such figures as Bruce Willis, quoted in the section on new media for his observation that: “The internet is a place for searching, copying and browsing. At worst it is a place for executions. sexual abuse, a place for data mining and privacy groups. More trivially, it is a world of escapist nonsense.”

The book will also be available as an app, which is free to download until the end of World Youth Day.

DoCat includes chapters on God’s providence and love, the family as the foundation of society, work, economics, the international community and several other common themes of the Church’s social doctrine.

The book frequently quotes papal encyclicals from Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum (1891) onward, and also from such documents as John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortio and Evangelium Vitae.

It begins by asking, “Did God act according to a plan when he created the world and us?”, to which the reply is: “Yes, God created the whole world according to his idea and plan.”

In the margin, Blessed John Henry Newman is quoted: “I am created to do something or to be something for which no one else is created; I have a place in God’s counsels, in God’s world, which no one else has; whether I be rich or poor, despised or esteemed by man, God knows me and calls me by name.”

Also quoted in the book are Marilyn Monroe, Astrid Lindgren, and Lenin – though the latter’s remarks on the traditional family are only brought up in order to reject them.

“Family is first of all the place where the continuation of society is ensured,” DoCat says. It also defines the family as “the first and most important natural community”.

The book’s publishers, Ignatius Press, say this is the first introduction to Catholic social teaching of its kind to be aimed specifically at young people.


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