Can Catholics believe in fairies and mermaids?

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Can Catholics believe in fairies, mermaids, and other “cryptids”?
There is no evidence that these exist so I see no point in believing in fairies and mermaids as well as other “cryptids” as it doesn’t enrich our spiritual lives as Catholics.
People ask about the Loch Ness (Nessie) cryptid; even though there’s been some evidence that something “strange” may be lurking in a lake in Scotland but there really is no need to become so bothered with all those stories
Tooth fairies and Easter bunny tales aren’t so bad; parents may tell their kids these tales because these mythical creatures are known for their generosity and kindness. Fantasies like these are very unlikely to have a harmful effect on the child. If anything, it should make them happy; but the parents or any adult actually believing they exist isn’t what I advise


  • Peter Aiello says:

    One fantasy that can be damaging is the idea that finding a princess or a prince charming can make you live happily ever after. Many people chase this illusion all of their lives. If you believe that only God can ultimately give you contentment in life, the fantasy that it can happen elsewhere isn’t so innocent.

  • Tom Rafferty says:

    How is belief in God, Angels and Demons any different than belief in fairies and mermaids? None of these entities have any evidence for their existent.

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