01 Jun 2016 Vatican Comments (1)

Church needs courageous women like Mary, Pope says

Women who serve their families with joy are courageous, the Pope said during a morning homily The Church needs the service of the many women who continue to fo…

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07 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

I keep hearing about "social sin" and "structural sin." Whatever happened to personal sin?

Full Question I keep hearing about "social sin" and "structural sin." Whatever happened to personal sin? Answer Nothing. Unfortunately, it's aliv…

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02 Sep 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Why women are needed to help end violence in Africa

Women are the key to reconciliation in both the family and society. This was the message given to women from nearly twenty countries across Africa who conven…

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06 Jul 2016 News USA Vatican No comments

Iraq War was not a last resort and evidence was exaggerated, says Chilcot inquiry

Sir John Chilcot has issued a damning report into the British Government’s actions before and during the Iraq war. In a statement introducing the 2.5 million…

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29 Sep 2016 News Comments (1)

Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes predicts that the poor will be severely affected by the "Nica Act" bill passed by the US…

At the beginning of last week, the US House of Representatives passed a bill, the "Nicaraguan Investment conditionality act", renamed "Nica Act", calling for ec…

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20 Oct 2015 News USA Comments (1)

Cardinal Pell: ‘I am not a synod rebel’

The Australian cardinal discussed Pope Francis and Communion in a wide-ranging interview Cardinal George Pell, the prefect of the Vatican secretariat for the…

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21 Sep 2014 Articles Comments (16)

Mary, Mother of Salvation

My first personal encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary happened while I was a student at an Evangelical Anglican seminary in England. I had been brought up as…

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13 Jul 2016 Articles Comments (15)

'Our Lady has already crushed his head': Our Lady of Fatima visionary predicted marriage and family 'final battle'

Sister Lucia dos Santos, one of the three children who witnessed the Marian apparitions at Fatima, died in 2005. But before her death, she predicted t…

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29 Jun 2016 Europe News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (1)

US Supreme Court blocks appeal from doctors and pharmacists on abortion laws

The day after the US Supreme Court issued a major abortion ruling striking down regulations on Texas abortion clinics and doctors, it rejected an appeal to rein…

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Cardinal jokes about England’s exit from Euro 2016

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South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier took to Twitter to joke about England’s humiliating exit from the European Championships in France.

On Monday night England lost the last-16 knockout match 2-1 to Iceland, a country with a population of just over 300,000 and which is competing in a major football tournament for the first time in its history. England manager Roy Hodgson resigned in the wake of the defeat.

In a tweet sent after the match, Cardinal Napier referenced Britain’s vote to leave the EU, writing “even (England’s) soccer eleven has withdrawn from Europe!"

When another Twitter user suggested that Cardinal Napier was “mocking" the England team, he replied that he was an “ardent" supporter and was simply expressing his disappointment.

The Cardinal has previously revealed his support for Burnley FC, who will compete in the Premier League next season.




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  1. Doug Reply

    God bless the people who elected to regain their nation, removing themselves from the clutches of global tyrany. England existed for a thousand years before foreigners dominated her. The people have risen against laws placed by an unelected dominator and against an invasion by Muslim barbarians.

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