Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga confirmes the existence of a “gay lobby” in the Vatican

Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga, often called the Vice Pope for his high rank and position of influence with the Holy Father Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga has confirmed the existence of a “gay lobby” in the Vatican. During an interview, the Cardinal said that Pope Francis has taken on a gradual approach to tackle the issue – and that Catholic teachings will not be altered.

Cardinal Maradiaga is currently the Archbishop of Tegucigalpa and  President of Caritas Internationalis, he is also Pope Francis’ closest cardinal advisor.

The Honduran newspaper El Heraldo had asked the cardinal whether there actually was an attempted or successful “infiltration of the gay community in the Vatican.”

He responded: “Not only that, also the Pope said: there was even a ‘lobby’ in this sense.”

“Little by little the Pope is trying to purify it,” he continued. “One can understand them, and there is pastoral legislation to attend to them, but what is wrong cannot be truth.”

Pope Francis’ other remarks about same-sex marriage have been misinterpreted by some people thinking that the church would give its approval. The cardinal dismissed this possibility.

“No, we must understand that there are things that can be reformed and others cannot,” he said. “The natural law cannot be reformed. We can see how God has designed the human body, the body of the man and the body of a woman to complement each other and transmit life. The contrary is not the plan of creation. There are things that cannot be changed.”

Sometime ago,a report about Pope Francis working to counter the “gay lobby” was extensively read, but the validity of the report was in doubt.

In June 2013 the left-leaning Chilean Catholic website “Reflexión y liberación” claimed that Pope Francis had told a meeting of the Latin American Confederation of Men and Women Religious that there is a “gay lobby” in the Church and “we have to see what we can do (about it).”

The said report was a summary relied on the memory of participants instead of a recording. This summary was meant for meeting participants not for publication. “the reported Assertion cannot be attributed with certainty to the Holy Father” said the Confederation.

During an in-flight interview in July 2013  returning to Italy from Brazil briefly talked about this so- called lobby saying:

“So much is written about the gay lobby. I have yet to find anyone who can give me a Vatican identity card with ‘gay’ [written on it]. They say they are there.”

He said that all lobbies are bad and “the gravest problem for me.” Referring to the Catechism’s teaching against marginalizing homosexual persons, he said, “If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, well who am I to judge them?”




  1. Catholic Strong Reply

    Then let us all seeking the Lord with good will begin to identify ourselves by our sexual orientation/ desires as we gather on holy ground to profess that Christ is the center of our lives. Self centered pursuit for false happiness, Fornication, perversion and selfishness proudly smacked, welcomed/ condonded in the house of God to contradict the word of God! This is forgiveness practiced at a level never spoken by God or accounted for in the Holy Gospel. Yes there is nothing that God can not forgive, but if you are proudly living contradictory to the Word and the Will of God for mankind then there is nothing to forgive! You have chosen your will by condemning the Will and Mercy of the almighty God. No we can not judge anyone for the way they choose to live their lives, in return we should not judge anyone for standing firm to preserve and uphold the Word and Will of God! If Christ did not come to abolish the law, then law must be lived full of mercy that does not continue to mock and insult the sacrifice. Thou shall not deliberately murder your lineage and generation for self gratification and throw it in the face of God! It is not ok! Sex is a sacred and beautiful Art for procreation , shared intimately within a holy Union. This flaunting of sexuality in institution of Christ has gone on long enough! Enough already!!! May the wisdom of God find you with the mercy and peace of Christ!

  2. crusader patrick Bindi Reply

    Pls if any cardinal or holy faather want o be gay let him vacate from that holy title we the catholic youth organization (Cyo)Sierra Leone st Anthony unit we are against that no need to lobbing it in the church

  3. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I must say, it is quite a thing. The almighty creates this immense, hostile, man-killing universe full of all manner of death and destruction everywhere – but in a tiny corner of an obscure galaxy in a small solar system, on a single planet orbiting an ordinary star, he placed a particular primate (through creation or evolution?), so that He could have a relationship with this primate, primarily through His prurient interest in what the primate does when it has no clothes on. From the time I was a small child, I understood that the Catholic Church’s god was primarily focused on sex. Sex, sex, sex, and how bad it was. How this was ingrained in my young mind through the use of abject fear of an imaginary Hell. The RCC’s god created or permitted us to evolve to have drives that He then deemed (by way of clergy who speak in His name since He can’t be bothered to speak for Himself), to be evil and which He will punish us for exercising….

    I marvel at how small and trite Christianity has made its god. He creates humans with certain tendencies then threatens to torment them for eternity (not really – hell is not biblical, or eternal), for acting in accordance with their nature. Whether it be people who have sexual inclinations the church disapproves of, or have intellectual, logical, reasoning, critical thinking skills that drive the individual to question the very existence of this small minded, invasive supernatural being for which no objective, empirical evidence exists, the RCC insists that we must not just accept, but love and worship this lesser being and bow and scrape to Him.

    You don’t get very far on your knees. What a shame to waste a life rooted in fear of a being who has to command that we love Him.

  4. Ndubuisi Reply

    I have always been aware of the CCC teaching on handling homosexuals but am unaware of CCC support for homosexuals because as is like the present church is acting as if She is afraid of saying that homosexuality is a SIN besides if fornication is a SIN how much more homosexuality? and if the church can not boldly say it is a SIN as the Bible does we begin to wonder.I have always been thought that we are forgiven when we repent so what is the meaning of seeking God if the person is claiming to be right?……but we are confident in the word of Christ that the GATE OF HELL CAN NOT PREVAIL OVER HER (i.e the CHURCH)

  5. Catholic Strong Reply

    Who can blame you for having the audacity to post such insulting blasphemy on a blog for Christians. Chances are that you would not dare to post such deformation on a Muslim, or Jewish blog. The Christian practice of Mercy and forgiveness has continued to empower those focused on destroying the church of God with their insistence on changing the WORD. Christianity is not a religion of force, and God does not force anyone to love or Worship him, otherwise, he would have created Robots and not Humans designed with the privilege to choose. Adam and Eve would not have disobeyed; Man would not have chosen to crucify the Christ and we would just determine what is right or wrong by making up the laws as we progressed through this gift called life. Identifying with Christianity is not a must. All are free to comply to the will of their chosen. But it is high time that those who do not want to conform to the Word of the Christian God to accord us the liberty to worship in peace, without discrimination, malice, insulting spews of condesending judgements and blasphemy to degrade the Christian faith and desecrate the Holiness of our God. Live and let Live as we pursue this happiness without forcing each other to conform. Their is no need to fight or become hostile when worshiping in the Christian Faith! Everyone has been invited to conform to the Will of God if they so desire. It is an invitation the one can freely choose to answer or decline. Be at peace! May the grace and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ and the mercy of God find and rest with us all. Amen!

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Catholic Strong, I speak my mind with Muslims as well – though I must say, two have threatened to kill me, and so far no Christians have made similar threats – though many remind me that I will be going to their much beloved Hell.

      You speak of the “word” but there are no originals. Nobody knows what the “word” really is, and besides, it was all written by fallible men, none of whom were witness to the supposed events. Do you think that if the graves really opened and saints walked around that some historian wouldn’t have taken notice?

      Christianity is most definitely a religion of force. It started out be eliminating its competition such as Ebionites, Nazoreans, Gnostics, etc. and has been killing people ever since; often in massive numbers. Don’t tell me Christianity isn’t a religion of force. I took world history in school.

      I did not say that God forces us to love Him; I said he “commands” it. He’s so awful in his book that He has to command that He be loved, as many of His actions certainly don’t encourage it. To love that which you fear – and you must also fear Him or experience his wrath in eternal torment – is sadomasochism.

      Adam and Eve are not real. The RCC has accepted evolution; has it not? That does away with Adam and Eve.

      I don’t think man chose to crucify Christ. We’re told that he was sent here specifically for that purpose. Bible God impregnated a virgin without her prior consent, with Himself, so that He could be born as Himself, in order to sacrifice Himself to Himself for the purpose of removing a condition He placed on us in the first place (or would have if the garden myth was true). Like Bible God hardening the Pharaoh’s heart, those who crucified Jesus must have done so under the direct will of Bible God, and if they had failed to do so, you wouldn’t be here telling me this action somehow “saved” me from a sin I never committed.

      You say agnostics and atheists should leave you in peace – leave you in peace to continue to tell the rest of us how to live our lives, what we can do with our bodies, what we can do when we don’t have clothes on, what we can research in order to cure horrible diseases, what we can do to keep our earth from disastrous overpopulation. NO, NO, NO. You leave us in peace and then we can talk. Besides you are an atheist too. Do you believe Gabriel dictated the Quran to Mohammed in a cave? Do you believe there are 72 virgins who await you in heaven? Do you believe Mohammed flew to heaven on a winged horse? No, you don’t believe these things? Why not? Oh, no evidence. Well, how about that; you’re an atheist when it comes to Islam.

      You’re worried that I can desecrate the holiness of God. Wow; and here I had been told that Bible God was all-powerful; yet I, a simple person have the ability to desecrate God’s holiness. I’m more powerful than I thought, or your god is less so.

      If you read your NT carefully you will see a recurring theme – and that is Jesus at odds with the clergy. He berates them repeatedly and makes it clear that we should not trust them. Consider taking his advice.

      1. Catholic Strong Reply

        I love you for giving me a good laugh to end my week! May the peace of the Lord be with you!

        1. Patrick Gannon Reply

          Glad I could leave you smiling.

          For life is quite absurd
          And death’s the final word
          You must always face the curtain
          with a bow
          Forget about your sin – give the
          audience a grin
          Enjoy it – it’s your last chance

          Monty Python, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

  6. Migs Reply

    Patrick Gannon. I know your guilt makes you hate the Church. You accuse the Church of only teaching about sex. That alone makes me think that you are just angry because you know the Church is teaching the truth. And you are guilty of your earthly desires. Unlike common Christians who accepts their faults and ask for repentance to their sins (not only sexual sins), you think that by nature it is not your fault that you are committing sin. You are basically removing your guilt and blaming them on others. Just like homosexual lobby, they say that their action are alright because its very natural for them to do so. Which is like saying a man who has a rarely high temper has the right to act that way, but we know he should with restrain and control his emotions. Our human frailties is not an excuse to sin, because we have a human mind. We are rational being. We mainly do not act by only our instinct. Unless, you have a different view. Probably you think man’s happiness is only about sex. You think man can not be happy without sex. You think people are defined by their sexual attraction. You basically lowered the dignity of man from an image and likeness of God to just an animal who can not control himself any time.

    1. Patrick Gannon Reply

      Migs, you don’t know the first thing about me, yet you have commented authoritatively on my guilt, sex life, sins, etc. For all you know, I could be impotent, or had my testicles shot off in battle. You don’t know a thing about me, but you don’t hesitate to tell me all about myself as you practice your version of Christian charity.

      I’m not going to comment on my personal sex life because it’s none of your damn business, nor the Pope’s. I have simply questioned why our sex life is so important to Bible God; and you didn’t address that, so I guess you have no opinion on the matter. Maybe He’s simply got a fetish for a particular naked primate? Since He’s got so many rules and regulations about it – why didn’t He just find another way for us to procreate?

      Of course none of this has anything to do with God – whether such exists or not. This sex thing is all about guilt, fear and controlling people. It’s personal; it’s private. It’s easy to use it to make people feel guilty; and it’s evil, in my opinion, for Christianity to have leveraged this guilt as it has for millennia to empower itself – or more correctly – its clergy. A bunch of virgin men (well except the ones who rape children) telling the rest of us we should cover ourselves in guilt with regard to sex? It’s time for that to stop.

      Your comment about controlling behavior is an interesting one, and one society is probably going to have to deal with more and more as time goes on. Evolution was a real blow to Christianity and the RCC dug itself into a deep hole when it accepted it; but that’s nothing compared with what we’re learning about consciousness and free will. Did you know that there are experiments which have been duplicated that indicate the brain makes decisions – usually 1/3 to 2/3 of a second before the conscious self is aware of having made the decision, and in some cases as many as 10 seconds before we’re aware of having made a decision? Consciousness and self awareness almost certainly arise from the brain, as processes – think of it as a computer program. The current theory is that the brain develops an “attention schema” that keeps track of what is contending for the brain’s attention, and feeds that back in a continuous loop that we interpret as self-aware consciousness. If this line of research continues to bear out the same or stronger results, it will mean the concept of the soul is dead. This is it. Learn to deal with it. No second chances.

      If someone has a bad temper and hurts someone, we punish them, but if someone does this and it is discovered that they have a tumor in the portion of the brain that affects emotions, then we let them off and say they weren’t responsible. Well it seems that the brain is a combination of genes, and every synapse that has ever fired, leading one through genetics, upbringing, experiences, memories, and good or bad luck to a position where one acts as the brain directs. If there is no real conscious self, no real free will (and the evidence is growing that this is the case) then to punish someone for something their brain made them do would be difficult to justify unless this punishment actually works to change the behavior. More likely we’d need to figure out how to treat the brain for the condition. In short, the retributive notion that Christianity is based on (even Bible God has to have His blood sacrifice!), may be the wrong approach, and approaches relying on rehabilitation rather than punishment will have to be considered. As humans, for some evolutionary reason, we do get satisfaction out of revenge and retribution. This is part of our genetic makeup that we will need to learn to rise above if it turns out that we really don’t have free will.

      Likewise we need to rise above the power that religion has over us. There’s an evolutionary advantage in listening immediately and responding without question in a primitive environment, where the parent yells at you to run or be eaten by a lion. You don’t have time to sit and debate it. You listen, you act or you die. That has been genetically ingrained in us, particularly as children, and religions leverage that to indoctrinate kids while they still can. We need to rise above that, and wait till kids are capable of critical thinking before telling them about gods, and afterlives so that they can critically examine the evidence (or total lack thereof) and decide for themselves.

      Change is coming. I know you guys don’t like it, but hang on to your hats; the ride has just begun.

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