Cardinal Woelki reports the silent killings of Christians in refugee camps

The Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Rainer Woelki at an ecurenical service in Dusseldorf last Saturday that the Christian Refugees. He equally warned that Christian refugees are being threatened by other asylum seekers in refugee camps, according to a report in The Tablet.

“Concern is growing that politicians and the authorities might not be taking such threats seriously enough. Christian persecution is not a topic of bygone ages,” Cardinal Woelki said.

Cardinal Woelki expressed that all we Christians demand is a religious freedom rights, a kind that even other Christians in Muslim countries have, “That is what we demand,” Woelki said.

A pentecostal Pastor, Gottfried Martens confirms that the “mobbing” of Christians in the Refugee camps has gone increasing over time. He said it was no longer rare for entire Muslim communities in refugee shelters to threaten Christians. He claimed that Christians had been forced to watch videos of beheadings, were barred from using the kitchen because they were “unclean” and had been beaten up and their crosses removed from their necks.

In these odds, he suggested that accommodation for the Muslims and Christians should be separated when he said: “In our efforts to be tolerant, which are in themselves praiseworthy, we cannot just let Christians become some kind of guinea pigs.”

“Whenever I talk to politicians, I’m told that the churches do not think that separate housing is necessary and I’m left looking stupid.”





  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    What an endorsement for the subtitle of Christopher HItchen’s book… “How religion poisons everything.” Even when sharing oppression and misery from a third party, religion manages to divide the oppressed against each other based on beliefs for which there is no objective empirical evidence to begin with.

    I guess if you’re a Muslim, you can say to yourself, “Life sucks, but at least I’m not a Christian.” And of course that shoe has been on the other foot many times throughout history. It would be nice to think that if the larger of the oppressed groups was Christian instead of Muslim that everyone would get along just fine – but there are plenty of stories of what Christians do to Muslims in places like the Central African Rep or Nigeria to know better. Religion sets people against each other. It seems to be unable to prevent itself from doing so.

    What one has to look at is – who benefits?

    1. Ni Reply

      Why not take the information seriously? Don’t underestimate the fanatical behaviour of the believers base on facts. Haven’t you realized how worse is it? Look around and do some research if those that the offender had been behaving towards people outside their religion, be realistic and more open minded.

      1. Patrick Gannon Reply

        I do take the information seriously. The information tells me that religion does not improve our condition.

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