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05 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (2)

Does the Church teach that the prophecy of Revelation 20:1-10 is being fulfilled now?

Full Question Catholic teaching holds that the millennium mentioned in Revelation 20:1-10 is going on now. What does the Catholic Church see as fulfilling …

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21 Feb 2015 Articles Comments (7)

Are There Souls of Men in Hell Right Now?

It has become fashionable in some Catholic quarters these days to question where there are now or will ever be any souls populating hell. Hell, it is taught, is…

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17 Jun 2016 News No comments

Bishops ‘profoundly saddened’ by MP Jo Cox’s death

A spokesman for the bishops said she was a 'dedicated public servant' and expressed a 'deep sense of loss' at her death A spokesman for the Bishops’ Conference…

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30 Jun 2016 News No comments

Pope Francis says he will pray, not speak, at Auschwitz

The Pontiff told reporters: 'May the Lord give me the grace to cry' Pope Francis has cancelled a speech during a visit to Auschwitz next month, saying he would…

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25 May 2015 Uncategorized Comments (11)

Priest who died on the Titanic could be on path to sainthood

When the Titanic began to sink on April 15, 1912, Father Thomas Byles had two opportunities to board a lifeboat. But he forewent those opportunities, accordi…

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18 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

A snapshot of the US Catholic Church on eve of papal visit

Pope Francis will arrive Sept. 22 in the United States to find a Catholic Church playing a prominent role in American life, with a vast network of charities and…

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19 Jan 2016 News USA Vatican No comments

Cardinal Marx denied entrance into Vietnamese diocese

Communist authorities forbade Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich to enter the Diocese of Vinh during a recent eight-day visit to Vietnam, UCA News reported. “W…

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23 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Did people really live for 900 years as described in Genesis?

Full Question Can you give me a logical answer about the people's ages in the book of Genesis? Some of them lived to be 900 years old. What is the Catholic…

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23 Jun 2016 Americas Middle East News USA Vatican No comments

Vatican is following the case of Bishop Ma, says spokesman

The Vatican said it has had no direct contact with Auxiliary Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin of Shanghai, who apparently wrote a blog post in June that gave many peopl…

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Cardinals and papal almoner will not testify at Vatican trial

Vatican secretary of state Cardinal Pietro Parolin will not be testifying on behalf of Francesca Chaouqui

The Vatican court has denied a request by a defendant in the so-called ‘VatiLeaks’ trial to have three Vatican officials to testify.

The court ruled on May 14 that the three witnesses — Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state; Cardinal Santos Abril Castello, archpriest of Rome’s Basilica of St. Mary Major; and Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, papal almoner — would not be testifying on behalf of Francesca Chaouqui.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, said Vatican City State’s penal code exempts “public officials” from having to testify.

Cardinal Parolin did, however, send a note to the court stating he had “nothing to report regarding the matter on which he was called as a witness, that is, the relationship between Mgr (Lucio) Vallejo Balda and Mrs Chaouqui,” Fr Lombardi said.

Chaouqui, Mgr Vallejo Balda and his secretary, Nicola Maio, are accused of leaking documents about Vatican finances and financial reform to Italian journalists Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi, who are accused by the Vatican of soliciting the documents and exercising pressure on the defendants, especially Mgr Vallejo Balda.

Mgr Alfredo Abbondi, an office manager at the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See, testified for nearly five hours on May 14. He said Chaouqui suggested the prefecture’s offices were bugged after “threats” were made to several employees. The Italian monsignor also said Chaouqui drove the point home when she climbed a ladder, found what she claimed was a “bug” in a fuse box and “threw something out the window.”

Early in the trial, Mgr Vallejo Balda had testified that Chaouqui had told him she was “the number two in the Italian secret service.”

Although Chaouqui denied the Spanish monsignor’s testimony, Mgr Abbondi told the court that Mgr Vallejo Balda truly believed she worked for the Italian secret service and said it seemed “she was the one who made him believe that.”

Gianluca Gauzzi, deputy commissioner of the Vatican police, took the stand on May 16 to reveal what had been found on two iPhones and a Macbook Pro belonging to Mgr Vallejo Balda.

Fears of being spied upon apparently began shortly after the Spanish monsignor hired Corrado Lanino, Chaouqui’s husband, to set up a “technological infrastructure” for the financial documentation produced by the commission, the deputy commissioner testified.

In some of the messages found on the monsignor’s devices, Gauzzi said, “Chaouqui asked Mgr Vallejo to use WhatsApp because she believed it was a secure and tap-proof messaging system.”

Lanino was paid €110,000 ($124,500) for installing a new computer server, which was placed in the barracks of the Swiss Guard, “something absolutely abnormal given that within (Vatican City) State there are offices that can offer this type of service that guarantees maximum security,” Gauzzi said.

The system devised by Lanino provided separate passwords for each set of commission documents pertaining to each Vatican office. The deputy commissioner said Lanino had access to all passwords and documentation, adding that in one instance, Mgr Vallejo Balda asked Chaouqui for the password to a document.

“She said that she didn’t remember and that she had to ask her husband” for the password, Gauzzi told the court.

Gauzzi also said several emails in Mgr Vallejo Balda’s computer revealed a connection between Chaouqui and Fittipaldi. For instance, he said, the monsignor sent Chaouqui five emails regarding property belonging to the Holy See.

Chaouqui responded that she already had those documents, but needed “material regarding property belonging to APSA,” the Italian acronym for the office that handles the Vatican’s investment portfolio. Those documents, Gauzzi noted, were later published in Fittipaldi’s book, Avarice.

In another email, sent on February 26, 2015, Chaouqui applauded an article written by Fittipaldi on financial corruption within the Vatican. However, the article, which was attached to the email, was sent one week before it actually was published by the Italian newspaper L’Espresso.

Chaouqui’s lawyer, Laura Sgro, objected to Gauzzi’s testimony, saying that none of the evidence presented was included in the file given to the defendants’ lawyers at the start of the trial.

At the trial’s 15th session on May 17, Giuseppe Della Torre, head of the tribunal of the Vatican City State, agreed and requested that Gauzzi make all the documentation available to the prosecution and defense lawyers. He also gave the lawyers one week to prepare for their cross-examination of Gauzzi and scheduled the next session for May 24.


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