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God works in mysterious ways – How the homeless brought together a charity and a controversial food chain

Many of the Vatican’s Cardinals were openly upset at the erection of a McDonald’s within sight of St. Peter’s Square – until the fast food chain revealed its charitable side. Many have celebrated the controversial chain after charity groups teamed up with McDonalds to help shelter and feed the homeless near the Vatican. An association

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Meth cook and devil worshiper attacks mother then leaves her for dead with demon king’s name written on her chest

Chase Wall, a 33-year-old occult-obsessed meth addict, was arrested after beating his mother, stealing her car and leaving her for dead with a demon’s name inscribed on her bloody chest. Wall’s 66-year-old mother was discovered in a hotel room, unconscious, unresponsive and dripping blood. A police report explained: “Blood was running down the side of

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‘Conscience’ cannot justify Communion for the remarried, says Ordinariate bishop

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Bishop Lopes says that a firm resolution to avoid grave sin is necessary before receiving Communion Bishop Steven Lopes, head of the American branch of the Ordinariate, has released a pastoral letter which reaffirms traditional Church teaching on Communion for the remarried. On Friday, the bishops of Malta stated that remarried people might find it “impossible"

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Our Lady of Fatima to be crowned again to mark centenary year

The National Pilgrim Virgin Statue and Relics will arrive at Westminster Cathedral on February 18 Cardinal Nichols will crown Our Lady of Fatima and consecrate England to the Immaculate Heart of Mary during a Mass at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday February 18. The consecration will be a renewal of the original offering made by Cardinal

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