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The ROSARY is defeating Boko Haram terrorist group in Nigeria

What is the most powerful weapon deployed against Boko Haram? Is it a smart bomb or a stealth drone? No. It turns out, the most feared weapon against Boko haram is the Rosary. Among all the weapons deployed by mankind, one of the most powerful is prayer. The Israelites often prayed before battle, and the

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Vatican introduces sex education for teens

The Vatican recently rolled out a new sex education course designed to help parents and educators talk to teens about sex and counter messages on social media. The course, published by the Vatican Council for the Family, and called “The Meeting Point: The Adventure of Love,” aims to promote a dialogue between young people and

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Kenyan churches, mosques painted yellow to symbolize tolerance

In the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, both Christian churches and Islamic mosques are being painted yellow as a way of symbolizing that “we can work together as people of faith,” in the words of a local Anglican pastor, part of a worldwide campaign called “Colour in Faith.” In the midst of the rusty shanties of

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Pray For Italy: Earthquake in central Italy leaves at least 37 dead

A strong earthquake hit central Italy early on Wednesday, leaving at least 37 people dead, according to Italy’s civil protection agency. The magnitude six earthquake struck at 3.36am (1.36am GMT) and was felt across a broad swathe of central Italy, including in Rome and from the Lazio region into Umbria and Le Marche on the Adriatic coast.

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Christians tied and Hacked to Death for their Faith

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has seen a dramatic rise in Christian persecution, leaving at least 36 Christians hacked to death. According to the Catholic Herald, the North Kivu region of the DRC experienced its deadliest attack since November of 2014. At least 36 Christians, with some claiming the number is closer to fifty,

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Don’t let ISIS win – What Catholics can do to stop the terror

The Islamic State continues to bombard the world with their reign of terror – so what can Catholics do about it? Last March, the Vatican’s top diplomat, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, called for international efforts to stop the “so-called Islamic State” and explained: “we have to stop this kind of genocide. Otherwise we’ll be crying out

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Shocking footage reveals teen’s plans to kill ‘all Christians’

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A 15-year-old teen is on the run after he posted a video of himself threatening to “murder” every Christian in the world. The video, which was recorded in Verviers, features the teen speaking in Arabic: “Oh Allah, destroy the odious Christians. Oh Allah kill them all. Don’t spare any of them.” The footage was uploaded

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