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Learning the Secret of Persevering Prayer

We are all called to persevering prayer, no matter what our state in life or vocation. Preparing ourselves for such prayer means learning to silence the clamor of the age, stop the ever accelerating pace of the futile quests that so often occupy our hearts, and live in the eternal now by surrendering ourselves –

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How 13 cardinals changed the course of history

The letter that proved to be the turning point showed the Holy Spirit was at work in a most unexpected way This time last year the second installment of the synod on the family was unfolding in Rome, the conclusion of which was as yet unknown. Now that we are in the implementation phase of

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Anti-Catholicism in the United States

In 2014 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. that some businesses were exempt from the Affordable Care Act contraception mandate if they had a religious objection to it. After the decision was released, Ronald Lindsay, an advocate for atheism and author of the book The Necessity of Secularism, penned

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Once Saved, Always Saved? Part I

The reformed “Westminster Confession," ratified in 1647, gives us a pithy statement that sums up well what is meant by “the perseverance of the saints," or “once saved, always saved," the fifth and final of the five points of Calvinism’s TULIP (Total depravity, Unconditional election, Limited atonement, Irresistible grace, and Perseverance of the saints): God doth continue to forgive the

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‘Christ urges us’ – Pope Francis shares Christ’s message

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In this transitory and often difficult life, it is necessary to have Christ as the center of everything you do, working to increase your own faith in Jesus and the faith of those you serve, Pope Francis said Monday. “Contemplating the life of Jesus and looking at our life as pilgrims in this world with

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A Plea To Save Lives and Souls

This is not a political post. It is a moral exhortation, a plea to save human lives and souls! Speaking the Truth should not be a rarity in the pulpits of our country. Since the salvation of souls is the primary purpose of the Catholic Church’s existence, Truth should be an ever-present pulpit visitor. Nothing

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