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Pope Francis shares words of wisdom

The Christian mission today means facing new challenges with simplicity, holiness, and openness to God, Pope Francis told an audience with the Marian Fathers on Saturday. “Many still await knowledge of Jesus, the sole Redeemer of man, and many situations of injustice and moral and material hardship challenge believers,” the Pope said Feb. 18. “Such

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Pope: ‘Time Is Running Out, We Must Act’

Time is running out to confront this ecological crisis. We must act. I appeal for Creation to be defended.. And remember, no people are ‘criminal,’ nor religion, ‘terrorists.’ But there are people out there who are fundamentalists… Pope Francis made these points in his message to the participants of a national meeting of popular movements

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This is the one thing Pope Francis says you can brag about

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As children we are taught that bragging is bad, especially when we do it to people who have less than us, however, for Pope Francis, there is one thing we should never hesitate to flaunt to whoever we meet: our hope in Christ. Speaking of bragging, the Pope said Feb. 15 that contrary to the

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Pope Francis: ‘Healthcare is not a business’

The Pope was speaking to patients and medical professionals ahead of the World Day of the Sick A nation’s healthcare system cannot be run simply as a business because human lives are at stake, Pope Francis said. “If there is a sector in which the ‘throwaway culture’ demonstrates its most painful consequences, it is the

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In times of stress I write notes to St Joseph, says Pope Francis

The Pope told religious superiors that prayer, not tranquillisers, helped give him a sense of peace In order to deal with stress, Pope Francis writes down all his problems in letters to St Joseph. During an audience with religious superiors, the Pope said there was “corruption” in the Vatican but that he was at peace.

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Don’t dialogue with the Devil, Pope Francis says at Mass

‘He’s a trickster,’ the Pope said. ‘He promises you everything and leaves you naked’, like he left Adam and Eve Satan is a liar and a cheat who promises people everything then leaves them with nothing, Pope Francis has said at his early morning Mass. In his homily on February 10, Pope Francis contrasted the

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