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Category Archives: Exhortations

‘Clothe the naked’ – Pope Francis calls us to love

When we perform the corporal works of mercy – specifically welcoming the stranger in the form migrants and refugees – we are welcoming Christ in them, and helping to restore their full dignity as humans, Pope Francis said Wednesday. “These works, in fact, make evident that Christians are not tired and lazy in waiting for

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Pope Francis: Don’t use God to defend your own interests

On Wednesday, Pope Francis warned against making Jesus into the person we want him to be, and thus creating obstacles to a true relationship with Christ and his mercy. “The admonition of Jesus is always present: even today man constructs images of God that prevent him from enjoying his real presence,” the Pope said during

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‘Christ urges us’ – Pope Francis shares Christ’s message

In this transitory and often difficult life, it is necessary to have Christ as the center of everything you do, working to increase your own faith in Jesus and the faith of those you serve, Pope Francis said Monday. “Contemplating the life of Jesus and looking at our life as pilgrims in this world with

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‘He has two weapons, but the main one is division’ – Pope Francis describes the devil’s weapons against the Church

Church unity is endangered especially by certain tactics of division favored by the devil himself, Pope Francis told bishops of mission territories on Friday. “Division is the weapon the devil employs most to destroy the Church from within,” the Pope said Sept. 9. “He has two weapons, but the main one is division: the other

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