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Did Mary feel pains at the birth of Christ?

The conclusion that Mary did not feel pains at the birth of Christ can be deduced from her immaculate conception. Since pains at childbirth is one of the punishments inherited from original sin which Mary is free from. There are a number of passages and quotes from Church Fathers that support this conclusion, some of

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Is it a sin for women to attend mass bare headed?

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No, it is not a sin. The norm of head covering for women is derived from St Paul’s words in 1 Cor 11:2-16 and used to be binding in the Church. In canon 1262 §2 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law, the Church maintained the Pauline discipline: “Men, in a church or outside a church, while

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Is it bad to chew the Eucharist?

I personally teach children to imbibe the habit of allowing the host dissolve in the mouth than chew. Even though there is no directive from the Church concerning this. You can decide to either chew or let dissolve. In the past, people always chewed because then the host was more bread-like and wouldn’t dissolve that

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Is it a sin for your mind to wander at mass?

Answer: It largely depends on why the person isn’t paying attention during mass. Most times, what we should pay attention to is what is willful and what isn’t. Someone can be distracted because they’re tired, in pains or worried about real problems they’re having. When their minds wander involuntarily, it isn’t necessarily sinful. However, if

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Are Angels also Saints? and can a man be an Angel when in heaven?

Answer: The word “saint” comes from the Latin word “sanctus” which means “holy”. This word can be applied to the members of the Church in general to denote the sanctity of the universal Church. But mostly, those who have this attached to their names are those who are in heaven. Angels are called saints because

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Is it at all possible for women to be Catholic priests?

Answer: This is a very sensitive topic especially in our culture where everyone is very edgy about female exclusion. However, this is nothing like that.The truth is, many women have very keen understanding of the Scriptures and can deliver better homilies than most men, tend to parishioners better and live out more clearly the life

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Are there really many churches within the Catholic Church?

Answer: In a sense Yes. There are a number of particular or sui iuris Churches within the Universal Church, of which the Roman Catholic Church is one of them. These particular Churches have distinctive rites, which term refers to a liturgical, theological, and spiritual heritage. All these particular Church, though distinct in customs and rubrics, adhere to the Pope

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Does God know if i will go to heaven or hell?

Answer: the short answer is : Yes. God’s knowledge of our future follows necessarily from his perfection. God is perfect, and therefore all-knowing. If God didn’t know something, then He isn’t perfect. But we know God is perfect, therefore he knows all things. But, this does not mean that anyone is destined to go to

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