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Can a Parish Priest Absolve the Sin of Adultery?

Full Question Can a parish priest absolve the sin of adultery? Answer Yes, any priest with faculties can forgive the sin of adultery. The only exception that would render the absolution invalid is if the priest himself had been part of the adulterous affair (can. 977). By Fr. Charles Grondin

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How to Make a Novena

Full Question How does one make a novena? Answer A novena is a nine-prayer petition for a particular intention we may have. We make the novena to God or to one of the saints in heaven to intercede on our behalf with God. A novena can be an informal one we do on our own,

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Can the Church Ever Can Change Its Disciplines

Full Question Should the Church change its regulations if the circumstances that required the regulations have changed? Answer Your question is a little vague. The Church has the God-given power to “bind and loose” (Matthew 16:18-19; 18:15-18), which includes disciplinary matters (CCC 553). “Regulations” would apply to disciplinary matters, which are by nature changeable in

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What to Do With Non-Consumed Hosts

Full Question After taking the Eucharist to a senior center or hospital, should non-consumed consecrated hosts be taken back to the church’s tabernacle? Answer If possible or practical, yes, the best thing is to simply return the non-consumed hosts to the parish. If that is not possible or practical, the extraordinary minister may consume them

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Is it necessary to go to confession on Divine Mercy Sunday to receive the indulgence, or can you go before or after?

Full Question Is it necessary to go to confession on Divine Mercy Sunday to receive the indulgence, or can you go before or after? Answer To receive any plenary indulgence, the faithful must receive sacramental confession, receive eucharistic Communion, and pray for the intentions of the supreme pontiff in addition to the spiritual work for the

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Why was Satan in the Garden of Eden in the First place?

Full Question Why was Satan in the Garden of Eden? Why was evil in paradise in the first place? Answer While mankind had not yet fallen, the angels had already been given a choice to serve God in his kingdom. A good number of them didn’t. Satan was their leader, and he and the other disobedient angels were banished

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Is divorce a sin when one’s spouse is abusive?

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Full Question Is it a sin to divorce a spouse who is physically and emotionally abusive, after many attempts at resolving the behavior in couple’s therapy have failed? Answer No, it is not a sin to divorce such a spouse. The Code of Canon Law states: A spouse who occasions grave danger of soul or

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