21 Jan 2016 News Vatican Comments (1)

Pope Francis changes the decree which includes 'women on Holy Thursday ritual to have their feet washed'

In many Catholic parishes on Holy Thursday, a foot washing ritual incorporated into Mass technically specifies that only men should take part because Jesus' dis…

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19 Dec 2015 Articles Comments (10)

Top 5 Beliefs of the Catholic Church

With mentioning, belief in God is Key and origin of all other beliefs that follow in the Catholic faith. Though the Catholic Church share most religious beliefs…

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11 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Kuwaiti premier meets Pontiff; new pact on bilateral affairs

Pope Francis met on September 10 with Sheik Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, the prime minister of the State of Kuwait. The “cordial discussion" focused on t…

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27 Oct 2014 USA Comments (4)

Philadelphia priest placed on immediate leave following arrest

Philadelphia, Pa., Oct 27, 2014 / 06:21 pm .- A 55-year-old priest in Philadelphia was placed on immediate administrative leave after being arrested on child po…

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05 Oct 2014 USA Comments (4)

We want Church truth on marriage, young Catholics say

Denver, Colo., Oct 5, 2014 / 04:07 pm .- It always bothered Grace Raun when she heard her college classmates saying “nobody waits anymore" for marriage, because…

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03 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Where does Jesus say "I am going to heaven to prepare a place for you"?

Full Question I thought I read in the New Testament that Jesus says, "I'm going to heaven to prepare a place for you. If it was not true I would not say so…

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14 Jul 2016 Articles Comments (1)

World's Biggest Water Fight

The Cornerstone Baptist Church of Colorado Springs, Colorado has a lawsuit on its hands. It seems that in 1991, 1992, and 1993 the congregation sponsored a …

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21 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Education and play are key to childhood, Pope tells Cuba, US youth

The U.S. embargo on Cuba, education, care of the environment, war, and peace were all themes touched on by Pope Francis in a satellite television conference wit…

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30 Jan 2016 Q&A Comments (3)

Where can I find a copy of the Divine Office?

Full Question I am experiencing a renewal of my faith. I already pray the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, but I think saying the Divine Office would b…

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Catholic university defends Mexican president following plagiarism accusations

An analysis of Pena Nieto’s thesis found 29 per cent of the material had been plagiarised

A Catholic university said the president of Mexico met the requirements for graduation with a law degree, while acknowledging parts of his 1991 thesis were plagiarised.

Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City issued a statement late on Sunday, saying the thesis submitted by then-student Enrique Pena Nieto – elected president in 2012 – conformed with the standards of the time.

“The thesis introduced original ideas" and used outside ideas with and without citations, the statement said. “The (current) general regulations of our institution are not applicable to former students."

Revelations of presidential plagiarism set off a scandal in Mexico, but also spurred accusations from some at the Opus Dei-run university of an ongoing bias against the president on the part of investigative journalists highlighting issues with the thesis.

The journalists from Aristegui Noticias previously uncovered evidence of Pena Nieto’s wife, first lady Angelica Rivera, purchasing a property from a preferred government contractor.

An analysis of Pena Nieto’s thesis found 29 percent of the material had been plagiarised.

A statement from the Mexican president’s office denied any wrongdoing, while mentioning “stylistic" issues.

The thesis controversy caused an issue for the Universidad Panamericana, known for its business and law schools, both of which are well-regarded in surveys.

Some observers said the school was risking its reputation, creating an impression of putting politics ahead of academics.

“The dismissive attitude toward the entire graduating process … that tells you a lot about standards at the place," said Rodolfo Soriano-Nunez, a sociologist in Mexico City.

Others pointed to perceptions that Catholic education in Mexico often caters to the elites able to pay, while expensive private schools run by orders like Opus Dei and the Legionaries of Christ offer students the opportunity to befriend the children of influential families – important in a country where connections often trump talent – as much as an academic experience.


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