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09 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

US bishops urge anti-suicide provisions in proposal for end-of-life counseling

A federal proposal focusing on health care counseling for end-of-life decision making needs further additions, including strong exclusions of assisted suicide, …

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26 Nov 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Video: Pope Francis visits the UN Office

Watch Pope Francis as he visits the United Nations Office. Click the "Play" button to watch:

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11 Nov 2015 Europe News No comments

Catholic Philanthropists launches mission to save migrants

Two philanthropists, who founded a charity to rescue migrants drowning at the Mediterranean Sea last year, are to launch a new rescue mission in the Aegean Sea.…

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01 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (14)

When did the term "Roman Catholic Church" first come into being?

Full Question When did the term "Roman Catholic Church" first come into being? Answer It is not possible to give an exact year when the Catholi…

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17 Feb 2016 Americas News No comments

Complete text of Pope Francis’ homily at the Study Centre of Ecatepec, Mexico City

The Pope celebrated the Holy Mass on Sunday near the Study Centre of Ecatepec, in the suburbs of Mexico City. Scroll down to read the complete text of his ho…

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21 Sep 2016 Articles Comments (15)

Ignore the misleading headlines: the remarried cannot ‘now receive Communion’

The Church's teaching has been consistent from the early Church to modern Popes. Last week's events didn't change it Benedict XVI once spoke about the two vers…

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30 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

How do I answer a Fundamentalist friend of mine who insists he knows Revelation is speaking about the present Middle…

  Full Question How do I answer a Fundamentalist friend of mine who insists he knows Revelation is speaking about the present Middle …

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04 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (2)

What does the phrase "binding and loosing," as mentioned in Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18, refer to?

Full Question What does the phrase "binding and loosing," as mentioned in Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18, refer to? Answer "Binding and loosing"…

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16 Mar 2016 Uncategorized No comments

Pope Francis to officially open Instagram account

The Holy Father will officially make his Instagram debut on Saturday, joining the likes of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift on the online photo-video sharing socia…

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Catholics in Cuba Appeal to Government for Freedom

The Archdiocese of Havana in Cuba has used their magazine published on Thursday to plea with the Cuban government to grant breathing room for religious practices in the nation. The magazine called Palabra Nueva.

The editorial made references to the postive and life-changing impact the three papal visits Cuba has had in the resent times and tagged them all enough spills on Cuba to have had a very reputable religious footing than it already have at the moment. The Palabra Nueva stated it clearly that: “Religious freedom is something more than freedom of worship,” as the entire nation ever granted was just worship freedom and not freedom to be vast in practicing it.

The editorial refernce to the Prisoners set free in respect of Pope Francis’ recent visit, and the Pope’s remarkable contribution to the peaceful diplomacy of Cuba with the United States.

The editorial reminded the government again of Pope John Paul II’s visit and its great eye-opening impact;

“Many people paid attention to his (Pope John Paul II) message and invitation of openness to the world, of having no fear of opening the mind and heart to Jesus Christ, the source of truth and hope, but others did not.  Part of the world did listen to the Pope’s invitation and began to approach (the government), but the Cuban leadership did not reciprocate the gesture. It is common to conclude that visit was just a parenthesis in the life of the country, even though in reality it was much more than that,” the editorial stated.

The Palabra Nueva again recalled to the government of the promises and intention of the church to assist in the reformation of the country, through Pope Benedict XVI, during his visit to Cuba.

Pope Francis whose recent visit have as well left a spiritual wake of widespread acceptance, and the things the Pope called for have gotten through to a lot of Cubans … Only the spiritually short sighted did not appreciate his closeness, simplicity and his desire to communicate with all Cubans. In the same way, his (Pope Francis) words were well received by the young people when he proposed to them to not stop dreaming if they really want a different world and to not ‘shrink back’ and to ‘create societal friendship; according to the editorial.

The Palabra Nueva Stated further: “In reality the still weak flame of hope has been rekindled among us, which can be strengthened by an internal opening up and rapprochement among Cubans. It would be a mistake to try to ignore the revealing and painfully sincere response of those young people to the pope’s call to dream, ‘if they let us!”

“A coherent step would be to recognize, once and for all, the place that belongs to the Church in society,” not just as an institution, “but in its entire composition, from the laity to the bishops, the clergy and all those in consecrated life, since we all have a place and a mission in society. The desire for engagement is high but it is not accompanied by laws and social structures.”

And the editorial reminded the government of her promises to the religious as well when President Raul Castro said it was time for religious institutions to help in face of the “grave deterioration or loss of urban and civic values in the country.”

But the editorial admitted saying:

“in reality, there is little the churches and other religious manifestations that exist today in Cuba can do in that regard, if their ability for action is not facilitated, or if conditions are not created that would allow them and guarantee them their ability to act in a permanent and transparent manner, no matter how great their desire to show their co-responsibility is or how bad the loss of values by the citizens.”



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