Catholics spend outrageous sums of money on your cathedrals. How can you justify this?

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Catholics spend outrageous sums of money on your cathedrals. How can you justify this?


The Bible doesn’t forbid Christians to construct beautiful churches. In fact, if the Bible is our guide, we should expect Christians to build fine churches to express their faith.

In the Old Testament, God commanded the Jews to build a magnificent Temple in Jerusalem (2 Sm 7:13; 1 Kgs 6-7). In the New Testament, Jesus commended the poor widow for contributing to the Temple’s upkeep (Lk 21:2).

The Lord showed his own love for the Temple by driving out the money changers who were desecrating it (Jn 2:1-17). Remember also that Christ rebuked Judas, who complained about using precious oil in Jesus’ honor instead of selling it and giving the proceeds to the poor (Jn 12:3-5).



  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    “if the Bible is our guide, – – – ”

    Until you can shed that delusion, you never reach the point of maximal understanding of reality. I know, i was where you are. Life is so much better when you use reason and evidence to understand reality instead of ancient writings from a world saturated in superstition and dogma, the remnants of which exist in religion.

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Because building Cathedrals is far more important than helping out the people least able to afford large families who are forced to do so under penalty of eternal torment should they happen to use contraception in order to give their families a better quality of life.
    The article starts by saying the bible doesn’t forbid building extravagant Cathedrals. It also doesn’t forbid masturbation, contraception or abortion. It does say plenty about helping the poor, and the difficulty for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. This was a horrible answer to why the RCC is so hypocritical.

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