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Charity launches urgent appeal amid Malawi’s growing food crisis

Mary’s Meals seeks funding in order to continue to provide meals for schoolchildren in the African country

The Catholic charity Mary’s Meals has launched an urgent appeal in an effort to help lessen the devastating impact of the country’s food crisis.

Food insecurity has been an issue in Southern Africa for several years but with recent flooding in the region, many of the crops Malawians rely on have been destroyed. The Malawian government estimates that 8 million people – half the country’s population – will require food aid by the end of 2016.

Mary’s Meals reports that the situation in Malawi is so bad that many families are facing starvation and a state of national emergency has been declared.

The charity – which was founded in Scotland in 2002 – currently provides more than 800,000 Malawian schoolchildren a balanced lunch in order to provide an incentive to help keep young people in education.

With the launch of the Crisis in Malawi appeal this week, Mary’s Meals hopes to continue its work in the region and extend their reach to as many schoolchildren as possible across the country.

The charity’s founder – Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow – visited the African country this week. He said in a statement: “We are determined to maintain that promise to the hundreds of thousands of children already benefitting and to find a way to reach even more schools in the worst-affected areas. On behalf of all those families I met, I want to thank with all my heart those who are supporting our mission at this time of very great need.”

Mary’s Meals feeds 1.1 million schoolchildren across four continents every day. The cost of feeding one child for a whole school year is just £12.20 ($19.50). More information can be found here.


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    OH STOP! Just stop with the hypocrisy. Malawi is a seriously overpopulated country where the average family has 5 – 6 children. The country is being deforested. There is no hospital space available for a growing population of sick people, etc. The Malawian government recognizes that the core problem is a lack of family planning and access to contraception. Contraception is socially unacceptable to obtain, thanks in large part to an Iron Age organization and its manic obsession with all things sexual.
    How much has the Catholic Church done to actually help the people in Malawi by addressing the core issue that confronts it? NOTHING. Instead the RCC feeds the fire; it throws kerosene on the fire, creating more and more poverty, disease, starvation. Enough already. If your god demands that people needlessly suffer, then He’s not “all-good” and should not be worshipped in the first place.

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