13 Feb 2016 Europe News USA Vatican Comments (2)

Pope says meeting with the Patriarch of Moscow is clearly the will of God

Finally, the long awaited historic meeting between a Pope and a Russian Patriarch took place on Friday in Cuba, Havana. Cuban President Raul Castro and Cardinal…

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13 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (10)

Is it okay for Catholics to use yoga as part of an exercise program?

Full Question Is it okay for Catholics to use yoga as part of an exercise program? What about in physical education for children? Answer Two …

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30 Sep 2016 Uncategorized No comments

This Ohio mystic mentored Mother Angelica. Was she a saint?

Rhoda Wise, the mystic visionary and reputed stigmatic and miracle worker who played a key role in the life of Mother Angelica, is now the focus of a diocesan i…

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25 Mar 2016 News Vatican No comments

Pope washes feet of several refugees including Muslims, Hindus and Copts

On Thursday, Pope Francis visited a refugee center to wash and kiss the feet of several refugees; including Muslims, Hindus and Copts — a gesture of solidarity …

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01 Jun 2016 Vatican Comments (1)

Church needs courageous women like Mary, Pope says

Women who serve their families with joy are courageous, the Pope said during a morning homily The Church needs the service of the many women who continue to fo…

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15 Sep 2016 News No comments

Democratic Congo could be ‘plunged into chaos’ warn bishops

The secretary general of the Bishops' Conference has called for respect for the democratic process in order to stop violent protests Bishops from the Democrati…

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28 Mar 2015 Q&A No comments

Was my daughter's baptism valid?

Full Question Our first daughter lived only 20 hours. One of the nurses told me she baptized her, but I don’t know if the nurse was Catholic …

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25 Jun 2016 Americas Australia News USA Vatican No comments

Faith, tried and true, gives hope for future, Pope tells Armenians

A solid, sorrow-tested Christian faith gives believers the strength to overcome even the most horrific adversity, forgive one’s enemies and live in peace, Pope …

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10 Jun 2016 Americas Asia-Pacific Australia Europe News USA Vatican Comments (2)

Catholics in Italy accommodate and feed muslim refugees

In an effort to cope with the tidal wave of migrants and refugees pouring through the region, Bishop Antonio Suetta of Ventimiglia-San Remo had already welcomed…

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Child saint recorded opening eyes in AMAZING supernatural video

A miracle was recorded at the Cathedral of Guadalajara when Santa Inocencia Bares (St. Innocence Bares), whose body is on display, blinked her eyes.

St. Innocence Bares was murdered by her father 300-years ago after she took Holy Communion.

Though the records are uncertain, St. Innocence is believed to have run away from her father, who refused to allow her to become Catholic.

She befriended a nun and took the Holy Communion. When she returned home after the ceremony, her father stabbed her in the chest, leading to her death.

Her body was later taken to the Cathedral of Guadalajara, where it was preserved in wax and kept as a sign of her love for the Eucharist.

She was dressed in a white ceremonial gown and rests in a glass case at the Cathedral, where pilgrims may take pictures and record the altar.


One person, who chose to record what it was like in the Cathedral, roams their camera over St. Innocence to a few altar pieces and back.

While the recording is of low quality, it is clear St. Innocence opens her eyes for a moment then closes them again.

The video was uploaded and has since been viewed over 700,000 times on YouTube.

Some claim the sight is a hoax while others believe it is a supernatural sign coming from either the devil or St. Innocence herself.

So which is it? Watch the video above and decide for yourself!

By Kenya Sinclair



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Not very convincing. The blurring just before and after the eyes “open” would probably make it easy to hide edits; but it could just be shadow play. The quality is disastrously bad.
    The more important question is why Christians are so adamant to believe stuff like this. Isn’t the transubstantiation good enough?

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