04 Jan 2016 News Vatican No comments

A statistic of 22 Catholic Missions workers were violently killed in 2015

Through the course of 2015 Catholic mission work, twenty-two (22) Catholic pastoral workers have been killed, the Fides news service reports. The victims of …

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30 Oct 2015 News Vatican Comments (1)

Pope Francis Call on all World religious leaders to work together to achieve Peace

Pope Francis at the 50th anniversary meeting of all world's religion leaders' prayer meeting for world peace, made a clear and inspiring declaration calling on …

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26 Apr 2016 Europe No comments

Secular experts to advise French Church on handling of abuse cases

The new commission will consist of former magistrates, doctors and parents The French Catholic Church has decided to set up a new independent commission made u…

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20 Jul 2016 Americas Europe News USA Vatican Comments (1)

Archdiocese prepares to open Cause of Romano Guardini

The Archdiocese of Munich and Freising is preparing to open the Cause of Romano Guardini, one of the most influential Catholic theologians of the 20th century. …

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01 Oct 2016 News Comments (1)

Pope Francis claims war is the result of 'arrogant' abuse of power

In a passionate speech on Thursday, Pope Francis condemned as arrogant the mentality of revenge and the abuses of power that lead to violent conflicts. "Viol…

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31 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Do the deceased who don't have Masses said on their behalf miss out on graces?

Full Question Is it really the teaching of the Church that Masses for the dead help the specific souls named by the priest in some way that others miss out…

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A Person From the Moment of Conception

It is hard to believe it has been 42 years since the legalization of the murder in the womb popularly known as "abortion." As we remember the legally drol…

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Pope Francis mourns Cardinal Jan Korec, a Cardinal of remarkable Faith - Read

Pope Francis has sent a telegram to the head of the Slovak Bishops’ Conference expressing his condolences on the death of Cardinal Ján Chryzostom Korec, S. J., …

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01 Apr 2015 Q&A No comments

Isn't hell incompatible with a loving God?

Full Question I know the Bible teaches there's a hell, but I don't believe it. Hell is incompatible with God's love. Answer It's not, because God g…

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Christian persecution is real – emotional exhibit opens in Rome

Christian persecution happens far away from us. We may complain about the atheists or the satanists and their displays, or a lack of public prayer, but this isn’t the hard persecution many Christians face. For most of us, Christian persecution is a remote possibility.

However, for many millions of others, persecution is a daily reality. The threat of discrimination, abuse, kidnapping and even death is a genuine possibility.

Christians living in parts of Africa, Asia and especially in the Middle East routinely face the prospect of death. And as we learned with Fr. Jacques Hamel, even here, in the “civilized” western world, persecution occasionally takes place.

Making this real for Christians is a challenge. Most people are so accustomed to bad news that nothing shocks them anymore. The wholesale slaughter of Christians is just another news item that plays before the sports scores.

Yet, millions of Christians deserve to practice their faith without fear of dying for it. Those who have been displaced or harmed deserve relief.

To communicate this, Aid for the Church in Need, which is the direct, charitable arm of the pope, has established an exhibit.

The exhibit, which is on display in Rome, is filled with artifacts from people who were killed for their faith. A teddy bear. A child’s swing. A few desks belonging to students killed in a bombing. A table from a restaurant.

Visitors then walk through a dark tunnel where they see pictures of those recently killed for their faith. Jacques Hamel, the Italian priest, Andrea Santoro, and many others who are less well known.

The point of the exhibit is to renew awareness that Christian persecution is real and that fellow Christians need help. Aid to the Church in Need and many other charities continue the humanitarian mission of the Church in spite of the many threats.


By Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)



  1. Doug Reply

    The facts in the article are disturbing but actually not as intense as the reality of attacks upon Christians; especially, recent attacks by Muslims throughout the world, where Muslims are being accepted as so-called, “refugees” in huge numbers. While reading this article, I also reflect upon the advice of the pope, who advises that we allow increased numbers of Muslims into the developed, Christian, western world and his advice that we disarm citizens, citing his words demeaning gun ownership as anti-Christian. So … Allow Christian-hating, blood thirsty, incredibly violent Islamic hoards into a free society while removing all means of self defense from the rightful citizens !?!? BRILLIANT !!!

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Hmm. Maybe what goes around, comes around. Christians have persecuted pagans, gnostics and other early Christian groups – putting them out of business. Countless individuals in undeveloped continents have been converted by force, or executed for failing to convert, etc. Various denominations of Christianity, including Catholics persecuted each other for centuries. To this day Christians persecute LGBTs and to a lesser extent, women. It’s hard to drum up a lot of sympathy for these people because of their religion. I feel badly for them as individuals, but it’s all made up – so the smart thing to do is pretend to convert to whatever religious authority is in charge and hide in plain sight.
    Did the Church build any exhibits for victims of the Inquisitions?

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