Christianity drops in the US: View the latest stats

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The Pew Research Center carried out a seven (7) years research exercise in the US and found out that Christianity between 2007 to 2014 have experienced a fall from her chats in an unlikely manner. Below are the analysis as gathered from the Pew Research Center:
During the seven-year period, the percentage of Americans who say they believe in God fell from 92% to 89%, the percentage who said they pray daily fell from 58% to 55%, and the percentage who attend church at least monthly fell from 54% to 50%. Monthly church attendance is much more prevalent among those born before 1946 (67%) than among adults born in the 1980s (27%) or 1990-96 (28%). Between 2007 and 2014, the percentage of Catholics who said they attend church weekly fell from 41% to 39%, and the percentage who attend once or twice a month declined from 19% to 18%. However, the percentage of Catholics who say they read the Bible at least weekly rose from 21% to 25%.


  • Sylvia Crockett says:

    Before those who were born in 1946, there were strong Christianity among the Catholics and other faiths who believed in God was strong. Now, I have seen some switch another faith and young people are less care about going to church. Parents tried when they were younger. I thank my Irish mother who really made the effort to drag her 7 children to church every Sunday. My father was left at home because he was not Catholic. Years later, he surprise my mother by converting into Catholic because he was felt left out while all of us went to church. All of my 6 siblings except the 2 brothers are not practicing their faith. My three children are not practicing their Catholic faith, only they believe God in their heart. I pray and hope they can turn themselves around. Same for the others who had turn away from Catholic faith. Besides going to church and listen to God’s words, read the Bible as much you can, 5 minutes is all you can spare and God knows that you are doing your best. Hope and pray all of you go back and learn about Jesus. It is not too late. God bless all of you.

  • peter1589 says:

    What’s the surprise? Satan has been unleashed exactly as Islam is spreading her leprous contagion throughout western civilization, and the modern 20-30 somethings with the innate physical prowess to do something about it are suffering from 2 main problems: (a) their contemporaries have been consigned to the sewers via abortion and abortifacient induced birth control and the family is a thing of the past; and (b) they have no idea of orthodox Catholic catechism and are totally ignorant of the power of the Rosary to turn the tide of history as it did in La Reconquista, the naval battle of Lepanto and the Gates of Vienna, along with other historic Catholic heroes who turned the tide of Islam after it injected itself into western civilization.
    We thought communism (whose tenets were reflective of the use satan makes of holy Catholic terms to create something vile and vulgar, i.e., communism being a bastardization of Holy Communion) was the end all of world domination theories because we had no history taught us of the equally malignant intentions of Islam.
    Today, they are out-breeding European natives by an 8:1 ratio. Europe is on a route to population annihilation, literally birth controlling and aborting themselves into suicide mode. Who needs a holocaust? Hitler made a tactical error, all he needed was to induce the Pleasure Principle squarely into the minds of his enemies and they would annihilate themselves, exactly what Europe is doing today, and America has been doing sufficiently to turn the political tide against the conservative movement, which today is indistinct from that of liberal philosophy.
    What has been the main tool? Well, just think about the power of the TV to ensnare your attention and concentration. When has prayer ever been able to do that?
    Think of the nonstop radio messages in the cars, in the stores, on magazine covers, in the LP’s, the cassette players, the 8-track players, the CD players, the DVD players, the multiple almost innumerable channels of cable TV, or worst of all, the pornography only a click away on the internet, when you used to have to find an older guy’s stash of Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler to get your young rocks off and be induced to the relentless temptations of the devil to cause your eye to offend and your hand to offend worse. What was Christ speaking of in Matthew:
    5:27. You have heard that it was said to them of old: Thou shalt not commit adultery.
    5:28. But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart.
    5:29. And if thy right eye scandalize thee, pluck it out and cast it from thee. For it is expedient for thee that one of thy members should perish, rather than thy whole body be cast into hell.
    Scandalize thee… That is, if it be a stumblingblock, or occasion of sin to thee. By which we are taught to fly the immediate occasions of sin, though they be as dear to us, or as necessary as a hand or an eye.
    5:30. And if thy right hand scandalize thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is expedient for thee that one of thy members should perish, rather than that thy whole body go into hell.
    Hmmm, so if is serious enough a sin to earn hell by looking at women with lust? And why do women universally dispense with skirts and dresses and parade about in pants? For the sake of chastity? No! They are following the dictates of the demons who have been unleashed by the trillions to ensnare us irrevocably from salvation.
    Padre Pio, the Capuchin monk who was the first priest since Francis of Assissi to earn the stigmata, was known to have said that if the demons who infested the world had corporal bodies, they would blot out the sun. And this was already in 1968 when he died. Since Roe v. Wade? 54 million abortions in the US whose blood cries out for vengeance to Heaven, and for each one of those abortions, a million demons were set loose to plague us. This according to Gloria Polo, a Venezuelan dentist who was struck by lightning, died and was saved from going to Hell by the prayers of her deceased mother and a particularly pios farmer who had heard of her death and was crying to Heaven to save her. Jesus sent St. Michael to permit her to plummet over the edge of Hell, where she was immediately covered by the worms of guilt. St. Michael then brought her out of it and back to life. For her story, google “Gloria Polo in Hell” and read her testimony. Fascinating.
    Hope you listen up and understand what I’m saying. We should have already had the punishment due us by the Great Chastisement prophesied by the Blessed Virgin in Fatima in 1917, because according to Bl. Lucia dos Santos, the only visionary from Fatima to last into the end of the 20th century, said that the consecration of Russia had not been accomplished according to the explicit direction of the Blessed Mother. Fr. Gruner of America Needs Fatima said that Fr. Amorth, the leading exorcist of the Vatican, said that this Chastisement would start at the end of October, which has just passed, or shortly thereafter.

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