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The Confession of a Former Lutheran Pastor titled “Why I Am Becoming Catholic …"

For thirty years I labored away in parish ministry as a Lutheran pastor. Then for another four years, I was a district dean for the North American Lutheran Chur…

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Was grace given in the baptism of John?

Full Question Was grace given in the baptism of John? Answer No. The Council of Trent (Sess. VII, Canon I. on baptism) anathematized the teaching t…

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Was it right for Lot to offer his daughters to be raped?

Full Question I don't think Lot offering his virgin daughters to be raped (Gen. 19) was anything to be celebrated, despite his motivation to protect his vi…

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'By learning from past mistakes, you can open a new chapter of your lifes' - Pope Francis delivers message of…

On Sunday, Pope Francis held a special Mass held for prisoners inside St. Peter's Basilica, telling them that while paying the price for their crimes is necessa…

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British Catholics take to the streets for Corpus Christi processions

Bishops took part in processions in London, Oxford, Sheffield and South Wales Churches around Britain held Blessed Sacrament processions yesterday for the tran…

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Can a bishop prohibit receiving Communion on the tongue?

Full Question Recently I was attending Mass in another diocese, and when I approached the extraordinary minister of the Eucharist to receive on the tongue…

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How did St. John the Baptist escape the murder of the babies directed by King Herod after the birth of…

Full Question How did St. John the Baptist escape the murder of the babies directed by King Herod after the birth of Jesus? Answer Scripture do…

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Don't 'regionalize' Church teaching on marriage, says Irish archbishop at synod

Catholic teaching on marriage and the family is universal, not something local bishops’ conferences can decide for themselves, an Irish archbishop said Thursday…

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Pope Francis names 17 new cardinals

Thirteen cardinals - including three Americans - are eligible to vote in a conclave Pope Francis named 17 new cardinals Sunday from Asia, Africa, North and Sou…

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Controversial book reveals Vatican’s Financial mismanagement.

The Vatican announced Nov. 2 that authorities arrested a Vatican official and a former lay consultant, both former members of a papal commission set up to gather information and make reform recommendations for allegedly leaking documents to an Italian journalist who has announced plans to publish them in a book. Msgr. Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda and Francesca Chaouqui were questioned over the weekend of Oct. 31-Nov. 1 by Vatican police who have been investigating “the removal and dissemination of news and confidential documents," according to the Vatican press office, which said that leaking and publishing the documents is “a serious betrayal of trust granted by the pope. In his statement regarding this issue, Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., director of the Holy See Press Office, as reported by Vatican Radio, noted that the two books are based on illegal leaks concerning the Holy See’s economic and financial activities. Such information is “in large part linked to a phase of work by now complete". This “produces the result – unfortunately largely intentional – of creating the contrary impression that of a permanent reign of confusion, lack of transparency or indeed the pursuit of particular or inappropriate interests.

The books by veteran Vatican reporters are to be published Thursday but were obtained in advance by The Associated Press.

Among the disclosures in “Merchants in the Temple,” Gianluigi Nuzzi writes that the cost of sainthood can run up to half a million dollars and tells the tale of a monsignor who allegedly broke down the wall of his neighbor, an ailing priest, to expand his apartment.

Emiliano Fittipaldi, the author of “Avarice,” claims a foundation set up to support a children’s hospital paid 200,000 euros toward renovating the apartment of the Vatican’s No. 2 at the time, Tarciso Bertone, and that money donated to help the poor was diverted to pay for running the Vatican.

Bertone came under fire last year over the apartment, described in the book as a “mega-penthouse.” Bertone has said he paid for the renovations himself.

Lombardi took issue with the reports regarding the St. Peter’s Pence collection for the poor, saying where donations go was up to the ”judgment of the Holy Father.”

“The pope’s charity works for the poor are certainly one of the essential destinations,” Lombardi said, “but it is certainly not the intention of the faithful to exclude that the pope can evaluate himself urgent essentials.”

Those “essentials” could include supporting the Vatican bureaucracy, or Roman Curia, which among other things works to distribute papal charity around the world, he noted.


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