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Couple refuses to abort – Daughter becomes beauty queen and athlete

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Couple refuses to abort – Daughter becomes beauty queen and athlete

According to Mirror UK, Eliza’s parents were told to abort her.
They were told Eliza would be severely disabled and would require a breathing tube for the rest of her life but the McIntosh’s refused to deny their child a right to life.

When Eliza was born, doctors reported she was in a vegetative state and was unable to breath unaided.
Years later, she became an athlete and beauty queen.
Eliza shared: “Before I was born, doctors advised my parents to have an abortion…But my parents are very religious, so are against abortions regardless, and their attitude was ‘this is the hand we’ve been dealt with, so we’ll play it as well as we can.’
“They weren’t going to let me die, they decided to modify our home to make it more accessible and have never treated me any differently.”
As she grew, Eliza became healthier and more independent despite being wheelchair-bound.
She joined basketball as a child and has since played on the US’ Paralympic team.
She broke the world record for the longest distance traveled while doing a wheelie, in which she traveled over twelve miles, and beat 25 other finalists to become Ms. Wheelchair America.
“This is the first year I’ve been old enough to participate, so it’s crazy but an absolute honour to be crowned Ms. Wheelchair America.

Eliza McIntoshEliza McIntosh’s parents chose life and Eliza lives a wonderful life (Caters News Agency).

“I was surprised to represent my state and then even getting into the top five was a massive achievement. While we were sitting on stage waiting for the results I was reveling in the sisterhood we had created; we all became really close.
“For me, every lady on the stage deserved the crown, in my eyes the competition is to present a united front for advocacy work in all states of America.
“Now my goal is to take on institutional, architectural and attitudinal barriers for people with disabilities, because these things hold us back more than our conditions.
“One of my motivations stemmed from attending a wheelchair inaccessible school, I couldn’t access the facilities on the top half of the building including the library and computer lab.
“It was something that made me sad because you wish to be presented with as many opportunities as everyone else – however my mother never let me mope and taught me to problem solve.
“Both of my parents have always been a great inspiration, they never told me I couldn’t do anything, we’ve always found a way around any difficulties I’ve had. They instilled in me that I should know the difference between having a disability and being disabled.
“Having a disability is something you’re born with, but being disabled means you let it stop you.”
Eliza decided to use her fame to help raise funds to raise awareness for people with disabilities and help those who are physically handicapped to learn they are capable of following their dreams.

“I think Eliza will be a good representative because even though she has certain challenges in life she doesn’t let them stop her,” Stephanie Deible, the Director of Ms. Wheelchair America, explained.
“She’s broken a Guinness World Record, is an avid wheelchair basketball player and is out there trying to show people that life with a disability can be just as fulfilling as life without one.”


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