Did Cain’s children share his Curse and Punishment?

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Did Cain’s children share his punishment?


The punishment of Cain was that he could no longer produce anything from the ground of the earth (Gen. 4:11-13). This punishment was specifically for the murder of his brother (Gen. 4:10). There is no mention of this punishment extending to anyone other than Cain, nor can any inference be drawn based on the details of the story.

By Fr. Charles Grondin


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I thought the Church accepted that this silly story was a myth, to be treated allegorically. There was no Adam and Eve, no two-person DNA bottleneck. The DNA evidence is clear that our genetic diversity would be quite different if we came from only a single breeding pair. We came, it seems, from a pool of several tens of thousands of early ancestors.
    The whole story is nonsensical and the last several popes have acknowledged and accepted most aspects of evolution (except the aforementioned DNA evidence – but they know it’s the gravest of problems for their legitimacy). We know that there was no literal garden of paradise. There was no time when there was no death on the earth, the fossil record makes that abundantly clear.
    What was the the original sin of our ancestors? They woke up every morning on the menu and did the best they could to eke out a harsh existence, and hopefully reproducing before dying. What was their sin? Achieving a certain level of intellect and self-aware consciousness? Learning to use tools and make fire? Or was “original sin” learning how to talk? What could a small group of struggling early humans have done to antagonize an all-powerful being who presumably can’t be hurt, to such an extent that he punished them and all of us, though we had nothing to do with it. Can’t you see how utterly absurd this nonsense is?

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