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Did Vatican II do away with papal infallibility?

Full Question A nun told me that Vatican II did away with all the stress on the pope as an infallible teacher. Which Vatican II writings say this? …

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15 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (8)

What is the appropriate means to dispose of an old Bible?

Full Question What is the appropriate means to dispose of an old Bible? Answer There is no specifically mandated means of disposing of old Bibles…

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Is the purpose of the "Room of Tears" to confirm that a newly elected pope is male?

Full Question A non-Catholic told me that when a new pope is elected he is taken to a "Room of Tears" and checked to make sure he is a man because once a f…

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26 Jul 2016 Americas Asia-Pacific News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (9)

Blind Woman sees again after Venerating before the relics of St. Charbel

Dafne Gutierrez, a blind-mother of three who live in Arizona had regained her sight again after venerating before relic of St, Charbel and receiving blessing fr…

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30 Jul 2016 Q&A Comments (1)

Are eulogies proper for funerals?

Full Question I heard somewhere that a layperson cannot deliver a eulogy at a funeral Mass. Are there any circumstances in which it would be acceptable? …

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29 Jun 2016 Articles Comments (2)

It may get you called a freak, but Marian devotion is indispensable

you ever want proof that I’m in the Densa category, reference this fact: it has taken me the past 10 days to figure out ways to develop my love for Our Lady dur…

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17 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

What will the Synod’s final document look like?

As the second week of the synod draws to a close, it remains to be seen what the final product from the global meeting of bishops will be. The Synod on the F…

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03 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (6)

Question: I’m thinking about divorce. What does the Catholic Church have to say about it?

Jesus said, “What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder" (Mk 10:9). So, although the Catholic Church recognizes the need for civil divorce …

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Pope Francis makes surprise visit to women rescued from prostitution

Visit was one of the Pontiff's 'Mercy Friday' trips marking the Year of Mercy Pope Francis has paid a surprise visit to a community helping 20 young women get …

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Did God create evil?

At first it might seem that if God created all things, then evil must have been created by God. However, evil is not a “thing" like a rock or electricity. You cannot have a jar of evil. Evil has no existence of its own; it is really the absence of good. For example, holes are real but they only exist in something else. We call the absence of dirt a hole, but it cannot be separated from the dirt. So when God created, it is true that all He created was good. One of the good things God made was creatures who had the freedom to choose good. In order to have a real choice, God had to allow there to be something besides good to choose. So, God allowed these free angels and humans to choose good or reject good (evil). When a bad relationship exists between two good things we call that evil, but it does not become a “thing" that required God to create it.

Perhaps a further illustration will help. If a person is asked, “Does cold exist?" the answer would likely be “yes." However, this is incorrect. Cold does not exist. Cold is the absence of heat. Similarly, darkness does not exist; it is the absence of light. Evil is the absence of good, or better, evil is the absence of God. God did not have to create evil, but rather only allow for the absence of good.

God did not create evil, but He does allow evil. If God had not allowed for the possibility of evil, both mankind and angels would be serving God out of obligation, not choice. He did not want “robots" that simply did what He wanted them to do because of their “programming." God allowed for the possibility of evil so that we could genuinely have a free will and choose whether or not we wanted to serve Him.

As finite human beings, we can never fully understand an infinite God (Romans 11:33-34). Sometimes we think we understand why God is doing something, only to find out later that it was for a different purpose than we originally thought. God looks at things from a holy, eternal perspective. We look at things from a sinful, earthly, and temporal perspective. Why did God put man on earth knowing that Adam and Eve would sin and therefore bring evil, death, and suffering on all mankind? Why didn’t He just create us all and leave us in heaven where we would be perfect and without suffering? These questions cannot be adequately answered this side of eternity. What we can know is whatever God does is holy and perfect and ultimately will glorify Him. God allowed for the possibility of evil in order to give us a true choice in regards to whether we worship Him. God did not create evil, but He allowed it. If He had not allowed evil, we would be worshipping Him out of obligation, not by a choice of our own will.



  1. Robert henry Reply

    Evil started with Satan when stupid tryed to over through God in haven. This is good reading. Look it up.

  2. Danny Serrano Reply

    This is “evil” in moral plane. What about the spiritual evil, Beelzebub, lucifer, or satan, WHO were all mentioned in the bible? Are they created or another mythical figment of literary imagination?

    1. Julencia Reply

      Like the article says, Gid did not mean them to become evil. Lucifer means angel of light so he was created good, the closest angel to God. He became evil by his own choice, by rebelling against God

  3. pappaD Reply

    Proverbs 16:4

  4. Alex Zito Reply

    Handicap explanation….. Agree with me that the first two humans (Adam and Eve) God himself created were immortals?

  5. Daniel Reply

    God knows all from the beginning, no doubt. God has all the answers, no questioning that. God wants the best for us all,—. Doesn’t it sound quite sadistic that since he knows everyone’s beginning and end and probably all those who aren’t going to make heaven and those who will, for him to keep letting evil run its course in our lives, while yet keeping in mind that it has different effects on different people? ( while it can make some more spiritual and steadfast, it can make others resentful, hardened sinners and is probably the reason for the existence of so many atheists in humanity).
    God let’s evil and setbacks befall us, so we can be more faithful, yet humans go through setbacks in their different ways, and God knows some will fall short of grace, some will not be saved from guilt in the end, yet He let’s it all happen.

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