Did Jesus have a guardian angel?

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Since all humans have guardian angels, did Jesus have a guardian angel while he was on earth?


Since Jesus was a man, there is no reason to doubt that he had a guardian angel. A pious Christian opinion holds that Michael the archangel fulfilled this role. Scripture certainly records angels ministering to Jesus. In his account of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, Luke wrote, “And there appeared to [Jesus] an angel from heaven, strengthening him” (Luke 22:43). Matthew 4:11 and Mark 1:13 also mention angels ministering to Jesus after he was tempted by the devil.

So, did Jesus need the help of angels? The Navarre Bible commentary on the Gospel of Luke answers, “The Creator of all, who is never in need of the help of his creatures, is ready to accept, as man, consolation and help from those who can give it” (240).



  1. eduardojjarabe Reply

    Pray for us. Amen

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  3. Ramon Montecillo Reply

    Jesus Christ has two natures, human and God. Having a guardian Angel was consistent to His being human.

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