Did Martin Luther repent before he died?

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Did Martin Luther repent before he died?


It is rumored that Luther asked for the last rites but was refused them, and that he said, “It is easier to live as a Protestant, but it is better to die as a Catholic." However, neither assertion has been substantiated by reliable sources.

The best evidence supports that Luther died with a prayer on his lips, but unfortunately not one of repentance. He may have even taken a shot at the Catholic Church at the end. In any event, in this year of the quincentennial of the Reformation, let us pray for the repose of Luther’s soul and the restoration of unity among all Christians in Christ’s one Catholic Church.

By Tom Nash



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    What sense is there in prayer at this point? The Church tells us we are judged the instant we die and either rewarded with eternal boredom in a zombie-heaven with no free will, or sentenced to millions and billions and trillions of eternal years of torture, though we lived here but a handful of decades. Luther is either in heaven, existing as a zombie in mindless praise and supplication to an all-powerful being whom one would not expect to need such praise and worship if he was truly all-powerful; or he is burning in Hell forever because he screwed up in the few short decades that he lived here, and in that case, Yahweh-Jesus is the most evil being imaginable and completely undeserving of anything but contempt – and of course fear. This is not a god of love.
    Besides, we know prayer has limits. We can’t pray someone out of Hell, and we can’t pray back an amputated limb. Even Yahweh-Jesus has limitations.

  2. Daniel Donovan Reply

    I’ll pray for you to get a softer heart, and open mind Patrick.

  3. Ezebili kaycee Reply

    Dear patrick Gannon,
    How do you think that Jesus who is God has limitations? This is apostasy my dear. A very bad theology. Pray for God’s grace to know the truth.

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