18 Oct 2016 Articles Comments (5)

100 years later - Do we still need Fatima? THIS answer may surprise you!

Next year is the 100-year anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun during an apparition of Our Lady of Fatima. A century after her visit, we ask the question, does…

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16 Aug 2016 News Comments (1)

Catholics urged to join peace walk to counter Black Mass

Bishops have called for urgent prayers as Satanist group prepare to conduct a 'Black Mass' service in order to mock the Virgin Mary The Archbishop of Oklahoma …

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04 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

What is the difference between sanctifying and actual grace? Do we receive special graces on holy days?

Full Question My friend says that Catholics believe that on special days such as Christmas we receive graces that are different from other days of the year…

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03 Oct 2015 News Vatican Comments (1)

Listen to your guardian angel's advice - he is God’s messenger, Pope says

Each of us has a Guardian Angel who, acting on behalf of God, advises us and protects us from evil, if we only listen to him, Pope Francis said during his homil…

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Rosary for the Americas - Special prayer for Year of Mercy

South America's Catholic will celebrate the Catholic Church's Year of Mercy in a special way, gathering for a continental celebration in Colombia. They will pra…

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08 May 2016 United Kingdom No comments

St Mary’s University launches Benedict XVI Centre to ‘play a key role in public life’

The centre, at Britain's largest Catholic university, seeks to 'bring the riches of Catholic teaching into the national conversation' St Mary’s University, Twi…

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30 Oct 2014 Articles No comments

Apologists Make Mistakes Too!

In researching and writing my new book, Behold Your Mother - A Biblical and Historical Defense of the Marian Doctrines, I not only lay out an exhaustive defense…

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25 Mar 2016 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Catholic Priest Assassinated in cold-blood by Government Soldiers in Congo after unveiling Atrocities committed by leaders

A Congolese-born Catholic priest who recorded and reported human rights abuses in his home country was ruthlessly murdered by armed militants in the early hours…

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17 Sep 2015 Europe News No comments

German cardinal discusses importance of pro-life issues

In a message for the annual German pro-life march, which will take place in Berlin on September 19, the president of the German Bishops’ Conference said that “a…

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Did people really live for 900 years as described in Genesis?

Full Question

Can you give me a logical answer about the people’s ages in the book of Genesis? Some of them lived to be 900 years old. What is the Catholic Church’s teaching about this?


The Church has no teaching regarding whether these ages are to be taken literally or not. The Church will say that whatever Scripture says is inerrant but must be understood in terms of the conventions of literature that were in use at the time.

It is known that, in many ancient cultures, fantastically long lives were assigned to famous forebears. This could be an indication that the ages are to be taken as symbolic of the greatness and venerability of the individuals.

However, this is not something the Church has taught. God can keep people alive as long as he wants. If he wants someone to live to be 900 years old, then that person can do so.

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    Should a priest organise novena to reveal to us our life partner and how accurate would be his verdict?

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