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French archbishop to reportedly fast track Cause of martyred priest

The Archbishop of Rouen is preparing to launch the Cause of Fr Jacques Hamel The Archbishop of Rouen is preparing to launch the Cause of Fr Jacques Hamel and w…

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14 Jan 2017 Articles Comments (1)

The Efficacy of the Holy Rosary

The Rosary is a very vital and powerful tool in the Catholic Church. Praying the Holy Rosary helps us to defeat the challenges that we may encounter in our dail…

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21 Oct 2015 News USA No comments

In wake of papal visit, pro-life opinion rises in United States

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States has given a boost to Americans’ stated support for the pro-life cause, the results of a survey conducted this month sug…

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12 Nov 2015 News USA Vatican No comments

Fr.Fernando Karadima punished for molesting children claims he is innocent.

A prominent priest who was accused in 2011 by the Vatican of “sexually abusing minors" yesterday, maintained his innocence, saying he’s not guilty of the offen…

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Catholic peer meets President Assad

Lord Hylton was part of a delegation that met Bashar al-Assad during a week-long trip to the country A Catholic peer met Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in Da…

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South Carolina bishop asks for prayers and support for families affected by floods

Authorities said at least 14 people died after flooding in the US state earlier this month Bishop Robert Guglielmone of Charleston asked for prayers for the …

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04 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (2)

Why can anyone administer baptism?

Full Question I don't understand why the faithful are allowed to baptize one another. What makes this sacrament different from the others that an ordained …

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05 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (34)

Why was Thomas allowed to touch the risen Jesus, but Mary Magdalen was not?

Full Question When Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene on Easter morning, he cautions her that she should not touch him because he has not yet gone to the Father. …

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10 Nov 2016 Articles Comments (2)

Top 10 places Christians are persecuted (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Christians have been persecuted since its birth. Throughout history men, women and children have been killed for serving God and, unfortunately, today is no dif…

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Divorced and remarried Catholics should abstain from sex, says US archbishop

The Archbishop of Philadelphia has reiterated that divorced and remarried couples in his archdiocese should live “as brother and sister".

Archbishop Charles Chaput issued a new set of pastoral guidelines for clergy and other leaders in his archdiocese, which covers 1.5 million faithful.

“Undertaking to live as brother and sister is necessary for the divorced and civilly remarried to receive reconciliation in the Sacrament of Penance, which could then open the way to the Eucharist," the guidelines read.

Archbishop Chaput says the new instructions stem from the teachings of Amoris Laetitia, which was issued by Pope Francis in April.

The guidelines also say Catholics in same-sex partnerships, civilly remarried parishioners and unmarried couples living together should not be permitted to serve on parish councils, instruct the faithful, serve as lectors or dispense Communion.

Such “irregular" relationships “offer a serious counter-witness to Catholic belief, which can only produce moral confusion in the community," the guidelines state, acknowledging it is a “hard teaching."

The new guidelines also address Catholics “who experience same-sex attraction." Archbishop Chaput says some such parishioners can still live out a heterosexual marriage with children, despite that attraction. Others in same-sex relationships should avoid sexual intimacy, he says.

The guidelines, posted on the archdiocesan website, urge leaders to offer compassion, love, guidance and respect to all parishioners.




  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    …says a disordered, celibate, virgin man dressed in robes. Yeah, when it comes to Catholicism, it’s all about the SEX. The Catholic god and the RCC are maniacally obsessive when it comes to sex. It’s clearly a sickness. It’s a sickness that brings them to voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool – something one doesn’t normally find in nature unless it’s something like loser lions who can’t get mates.
    But it’s all good – keep chasing good people away!

  2. Donna Reply

    Interesting that a religion that has been famous for molesting young people has the right to tell remarried people they can’t have sex. Who is going to do all of your dirty work for you?

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